• Library closed due to weather conditions

    Due to poor weather conditions, the Library has closed early Saturday April 14 and will remain closed until Noon, Sunday April 15.  More details available from Brock News.

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  • New Resource: Readers’ Guide Full Text Mega

    Readers' Guide image

    The new Readers’ Guide Full Text Mega database is a modern version of the well-known Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature.  It is an online database that contains 100% full text of articles from over 250 magazines dating back to 1994, along with indexing for over 450 magazines dating back to 1982.  It is a multi-disciplinary source, and its coverage spans art, business, education, entertainment, health, literature, news, politics, popular culture, religion, science, sports, travel, and more.

    This database is good for tracking how ideas are described in general, practice-oriented, and popular sources of information over time, as well as for current events coverage, and for researching background information across many subject areas.

    Try it now or contact your liaison librarian for more information.

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  • New Resource: Factiva

    Factiva database screenshot

    Factiva is a current international news database produced by Dow Jones, one of the leading global provider of economic and financial information. This vast content collection includes:

    • Over 35,000 publications in 26 languages including newswires, major national and regional newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and media transcripts.
    • Over 2,000 top business and news websites.
    • Multimedia content from more than 150 sources.

    You can use Factiva to:

    • Search for content using the powerful Search Builder.
    • Scan the latest headlines using one of Factiva’s country or industry focused News Pages.

    The Companies/Markets tab makes it easy to:

    • Get company snapshots, news, financial results, and peer comparisons.
    • Get industry snapshots, news, and analysis.
    • Get quotes for stocks, currencies, and major market indexes.
    • Create market data charts.

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  • New Resource: The Lyell Collection Comes to Brock

    Charles Lyell

    The Lyell Collection is an online digital collection comprising the Geological  Society of London’s full-text journal articles, Special Publications, Memoirs, and journals published on behalf of other societies dating back to 1811. The database named after the eminent nineteenth-century geologist Charles Lyell (1797-1875) includes new content from 7 key journals, current peer reviewed papers, maps and historical commentaries from notables including Darwin, Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen, etc.

    The Lyell Collection is an invaluable tool for researchers and students alike. Try it out, or contact your Liaison Librarian for more information.

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  • New Resource: Employment Source

    Image from the Employment Source database

    EmploymentSourceTM from WestlawNext Canada provides a complete mix of resources needed to research relevant case law, legislation, and expert commentary on employment-related topics including: employment standards, wrongful dismissal, occupational health and safety, human rights, workers’ compensation, privacy, pensions, and employment insurance.

    This database provides exclusive online access to these key resources:

    • Canadian Employment Law, Stacey Reginald Ball
    • Canadian Health and Safety Law: A Comprehensive Guide to the Statutes, Policies and Case Law, Norman A. Keith
    • Dismissal and Employment Law Digest, Editor-in-Chief: Howard A. Levitt
    • Employee Obligations in Canada, James A. D’Andrea
    • The Employment Bulletin: Legal Issues in the Workplace, Editor-in-Chief: Norman Grosman (Grosman, Grosman & Gale LLP)
    • Illness and Disability in the Workplace: How to Navigate Through the Legal Minefield, James A. D’Andrea
    • The Law of Dismissal in Canada, Third Edition, Howard A. Levitt

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  • New Resource: LGBT Life with Full Text

    Image from LGBT Life with Full Text

    LGBT Life brings together academic publications, newspapers and popular magazines and it is arguably the most comprehensive collection of LGBT focused writing from the mid-20th century to the present.

    In addition to hundreds of academic publications, LGBT Life has retrospective coverage of such ground-breaking publications as The Ladder (the first nationally distributed lesbian publication in the US), The Advocate (founded before the Stonewall Riots and the oldest LGBT publication), and the Bay Area Reporter.

    For current Canadian and American LGBT publications, such as Xtra and Out, this is your best resource. Try it now!

    Contact your Liaison Librarian for more details.

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  • New Resource: Archives of Human Sexuality and Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940

    March for LGBTQ civil rightsArchives of Sexuality and Gender is a tremendous new resource for understanding the histories and experiences of LGBTQ people in the 20th Century. Search more than 3 million pages of content from over 35 countries, including documents from the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives. Highlights include:

    If your research touches on gender and sexuality, you’ll find rare and unique sources not available anywhere else. Start browsing now or ask your liaison librarian to learn more!

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  • New Resource: Environment Index

    Image from the Environment Index

    Environment Index provides access to over 4 million records indexing current conference papers, articles in magazines, international peer reviewed academic journals, book chapters and reports dating back more than 100 years. All Environment Index records are included in the SuperSearch database enhancing this content with unique resources in agriculture, ecology, energy resources, geography, earth and natural resources, environmental and public policy studies.

    Try this essential database today!

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  • Broaden your Horizons: French, German, Hispanic & Latin American and Italian Cultures

    Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures display pic

    The Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures has mounted a display in the Learning Commons and Thistle hallway showcasing various aspects of French, German, Hispanic & Latin American and Italian Cultures.

    Come to view the intriguing assortment of items on display and win a prize by successfully answering a skill-testing question each week. The questions will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, as well as on the MLLC website. Please send your responses to:

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  • New PsycTESTS Database Expands Access to Psychological Assessment Tools for Brock Researchers.

    Image of psyctests database

    PsycTESTS is a research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other commercial and non-commercial assessments.  Brock researchers will find descriptive summaries of each test, its development and administration.  Researchers will be happy to know that many of the tests are available in full-text, which can be an expensive obstacle for those conducting research in the behavioural sciences. The PsycTESTS database works seamlessly with the PsycINFO database so researchers can easily access measures that are were used in previous studies for their own research.

    Browse the PsycTESTS database today!

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