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The Brock University Digital Scholarship Lab offers workshops open to anyone interested in computational programming, data management, and geographic information systems (GIS). We also collaborate with instructors to schedule class workshops that fit your unique course curriculum. Expert staff are also available for individual or small group consultations.

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Selected Workshop Intros

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used to create maps and analyze geospatial data. GIS tools can be used to create data visualizations for a variety projects and its functionality is not constrained to geographical research projects alone. In the introductory level workshop you will learn basic functionality of Esri’s front-running software, ArcGIS ProAlthough previous experience with GIS is helpful, beginners are always welcome.  This workshop is a great first step in determining if GIS can be applied to your research projects and presentations.

ArcGIS StoryMaps is a unique way to present information for the world to experience. Story maps combine narrative text, images, videos and even interactive maps using a web-based authoring platform. This workshop will offer hands-on experience creating an ArcGIS story map.

Git is a very useful version control system that allows for efficient and effective project collaboration. Git and GitHub allow multiple people to share and edit projects, as well as track revisions. This workshop series will introduce you to Github and version control, creating a webpage with Github Pages, automating builds with Github Actions, collaborative tools, and more.

OpenRefine is a data management tool that allows you to work with CSV data in intuitive and efficient ways.  OpenRefine allows you to spot trends in your data, ensure accuracy, and perform transformations to all rows of data based on formulas.  OpenRefine quickly takes messy data and transforms it into a more comprehensive format. This tutorial starts at the very beginning and provides hands-on examples for you to explore.

Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to easily transform your data into useful visualizations. Create insights to enable fast and easy data analysis, share data with colleagues, collaborate with others and enhance your research papers and presentations. The DSL offers an introductory level workshop that will provide you with hands-on experience to get started with using this tool effectively, as well as a more advanced workshop that teaches more of Power BI’s functionality.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages.  It allows you to compete tasks more efficiently and integrate systems more effectively.

This is 4 part Python series:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Data Science with Python
  • Text Analysis with Python
  • Machine Learning with Python

R is an Open software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is a popular programming language across academic fields. In this workshop you will learn how to perform basic data analysis using R. This workshop is an introductory level where beginners are encouraged.

Tableau is an extremely powerful data analysis and visualization tool that allows you to work with large or small data sets quickly and easily. This hands-on workshop  will guide learners through importing data, creating various effective data visualizations, conducting data analysis and creating dashboards and stories. This session will also cover best practices for creating data visualizations for various purposes and how to share the results with others.

Learn the basics of citation management and streamline your research with Zotero. Add, revise, cite and generate bibliographies with ease from the web or your desktop.

Seasonal offerings of Research Data Management workshops in Canada and beyond. Previous offerings have included RDM in Ontario, Introduction to Confidential and De-Identified RDM and more. Check our ExBU or Eventbrite for more.

LaTeX is a powerful typesetting tool used by researchers the world over. This workshop will introduce the basics of Overleaf, an online tool to help you present your papers.

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