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The Makerspace is a place for students, faculty, and community members to collaborate, learn, create, and explore.  Walk-ins welcome or book ahead to reserve equipment.

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We are here to help. We have put several things in place online so that we can still provide you with the guidance and resources you need. Our Services and Learning pages are full of information on what we can offer or supply, and how to get started.

Not sure where to start? Attend one of our workshops or events and learn a little more about our technology and ask us specific questions. You can register for any Makerspace event at Experience BU.

Wanting to bring any of your project ideas to life? We have the tech. Have a 3D model you want to hold in your hand? Our printers can get the job done! Have a custom design to engrave into wood? Our Carvey is on it!

Burning with curiosity? Our FAQ has some of our most commonly posed questions about the space and how it operates.

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