Library Open Access Publishing Fund

The Library Open Access Publishing Fund operated from 2011 to spring 2023, providing direct grants to researchers to help offset the costs of article processing charges (APCs) levied by some open access journals.

By providing 141 grants to 123 researchers across 18 academic departments, the fund successfully fulfilled its educational mandate of raising awareness of the benefits of open access. 

Now, Brock is aligning with other Canadian research institutions by redirecting funds towards more equitable and sustainable forms of open access. This change reflects an evolving open access landscape which includes a growing number of collective approaches to open dissemination as well as newly available read-and-publish agreements with scholarly publishers which provide discounts or APC waivers for Brock authors. More information on Library support for open access is available here.

Funded Publications

The Library Open Access Publishing Fund has supported the publication of the following articles, which are freely available via the Brock Digital Repository and on publishers’ websites:

Baker, K. A., & Mondloch, C. J. (2023). Unfamiliar face matching ability predicts the slope of face learning. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 5248.

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