Pricing for Makerspace Materials

At the Makerspace, we make every effort to offer makers fair and competitive pricing for use of materials.  Pricing is available for both Brock Members and Community Members.

Fuse 1 3D Printer
White Ultimaker 3D printer

3D Printing

Different 3D Printers tackle different forms of printing and provide a range of quality models for prototyping.

  • Filament Printing: Higher durability, Faster production
  • Resin Printing: Higher detail and precision, Smoother textures
Brock MembersCommunity Members
MaterialCost Per g/mlCost Per g/ml
Specialty Filament -TPU (flexible)$0.15$0.45
Specialty Filament - PVA$0.25$0.75
PLA Filament$0.10$0.30
Nylon 12 Powder$0.20$1.00

CNC: Laser Cutting

Laser cuts cost $0.25 per minute with additional fees based on material and width.

Please note:

  • The Laser Cutter can only work with vector-based jobs (ie Cutting).
  • Buying a piece of material purchases the whole material. Please ensure your design fits the space provided.
Brock MembersCommunity Members
Acrylic (Bronze, Red, Turquoise, Pink & Yellow)1/8"12"×24"$17.00$22.00
Acrylic (Black, White & Clear)1/8"12"×24"$13.00$18.00
Acrylic (Bronze, Red, Turquoise, Pink & Yellow)1/8"12"×12"$8.50$13.50
Acrylic (Black, White & Clear)1/8"12"×12"$8.00$13.00

CNC: Carvey

Use Easel to create your personal design to share with us to produce with the Carvey.

Please Note:

  • Buying material purchases the whole material, so ensure your design fits the space provided.
Brock MembersCommunity Members
Printed Circuit Board1/16"6 x 6$3.00$5.00
High Density Polyethylene1/4"6 x 6$3.00$5.00
High Density Polyethylene1/4"4 x 12$3.00$5.00
High Density Polyethylene1/4"6 x 12$3.00$5.00
High Density Polyethylene1/4"8 x 12$6.00$10.00
Acrylic1/4"6 x 6$7.50$15.00
Acrylic1/4"8 x 124.00$12.00
Medium Density Fibreboard1/4"8 x 12$2.00$6.00
Medium Density Fibreboard1/2"8 x 12$2.00$6.00
Medium Density Fibreboard1/4"8 x 12$2.00$6.00
Maple3/4"6 x 12$8.00$16.00

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