Wellness at the Library

The Library is here to support your well-being. Explore our collected wellness resources, from Library Yoga recordings to therapy lamps, recreational reading collections, board games, and more.

Library Yoga Playlist

Beginner-friendly yoga sessions ranging from 2-30 minutes in length. They are designed to address the stress and physical impact of working online and can be done right in your workspace.

Games & Stressbusters

Students enjoying a game of ludo

Board games and stressbusters are available for loan from the Ask Us desk. We have skipping ropes, a yoga kit, puzzles, craft supplies and over 20 different board games.

Busy Boxes

contents of busy boxes

Busy Boxes are available for loan at the Ask Us desk. Keep your little one entertained while you work, with sticker pads, books and craft supplies.

Therapy Lamps

happy light therapy lamp

Broad spectrum light therapy lamps are available for 3 day loan. Visit the Ask Us desk or the Map, Data & GIS Library to borrow one.

Seed Library

Seeds and seed packets from the Brock University Seed Library

The Brock University Seed Library offers free seeds to staff, students, and community members to “borrow” and plant in their home gardens. The cycle functions like a library where participants can borrow and return seeds free of cost. The goal of this Seed Library is to protect genetic diversity in our food system and promote public access to seeds.

The James A. Gibson Library is pleased to partner in the Seed Library initiative. Visit the Ask Us desk to choose fruit and vegetable, flower and herb seed packets.

Film & Video Streaming

Image of a man viewing streaming video options on a TV

Browse our selection of popular movies and documentaries from the comfort of your own home.

Badger Books

a man lies on the sofa. He is reading and is wearing headphones

Our Badger Books collection features wellness and health related titles, bestselling fiction, and crafting books.

Exam De-Stress Guide

A woman's head rests on her books. She is smiling and not stressed.

Exam periods can be stressful. Our guide is full of study tips, tricks, and diversions to keep you on track.

NaturePlus Passes


Explore the beauty of Niagara! NaturePlus passes to local conservation areas are available to borrow from the Ask Us Desk.

More Campus Resources

Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre

  • Explore health and wellness services and events for your body and mind.
  • Follow SWAC on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook for wellness tips and resources.


Learning Services

  • Experience peer-to-peer academic support under Student Life and Success.
  • Attend Wellness adjacent programming including sessions on time-management, how to focus, the growth mindset, exam preparation, and more.