Collections Management

Brock University Libraries build and manage a collection that supports:

  • Brock University’s curriculum
  • general library use
  • research interests of faculty and students

What’s New?

Please see the latest New Print Books and New eBooks in our collection. New databases are listed on our Find a Database homepage.

Building our Collection

Collection development at Brock is driven by a set of Collection Development Guidelines, which covers all aspects of resource acquisition and collection management. We welcome purchase suggestions from faculty, staff and students. Final responsibility for the selection of library resources lies with Library staff.

Donations and Gifts in Kind

The Library has guidelines for accepting donations and gifts in kind into its main collection. For gifts of rare or archival materials please see the guidelines for the Archives and Special Collections.


Contact us in-person at the Ask Us Desk, via telephone at 905-688-5550 x4583, or via email at