Denise Smith

Head, Research Lifecycle (Librarian III)

head shot of Denise Smith

Library Department: Research Lifecycle


In the role of Head, Research Lifecycle, I work with the AUL, Research to understand and communicate with key stakeholders how expertise within the library contributes to the research enterprise at Brock University. Together, we identify key initiatives for the Research Lifecycle Department that can move the Library’s strategic priorities forward.

This expertise is available to all members of the Brock Community throughout the various stages of the research lifecycle: conception, planning, data collection, analysis, dissemination, and knowledge mobilization.

  • Information behaviour
  • Consumer health information
  • Wikipedia as a health information resource
  • Wikipedia’s and knowledge mobilization


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Information Literacy

Smith, D.A., Sanger, S. (2023). Scaffolded, embedded required: information literacy education in undergraduate health sciences. Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association, 2(27).

Smith, D.A. (2019). Re-visioning library support for undergraduate educational programmes in an academic health sciences library: A scoping review. Journal of Information Literacy, 13(2), 136–162.

Evidence Syntheses

Delisle, M., Alshamsan, B., Nagaratnam, K., Smith, D., Wang, Y., & Srikanthan, A. (2022). Metastasectomy in Leiomyosarcoma: A Systematic Review and Pooled Survival Analysis. Cancers, 14(13), Article 13.

Wang, Y., Delisle, M., Smith, D., Alshamsan, B., & Srikanthan, A. (2022). Metastasectomy in synovial sarcoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis. European Journal of Surgical Oncology, 48(9), 1901–1910.

J. M. Bogie, B., Persaud, M. R., Smith, D., Kapczinski, F. P., & Frey, B. N. (2019). Explicit emotional memory biases in mood disorders: A systematic review. Psychiatry Research, 278, 162–172.

  • LIS 9320 Consumer Health Information (Western University)
  • HTHSCI 3E030 (McMaster University)