Library Promotions Policy

The following guidelines pertain to the use of promotional materials in Brock University Library spaces (including James A. Gibson Library and the Matheson Learning Commons, Map, Data & GIS Library, and the Makerspace) and are consistent with the Campus Promotions Policy.  The purpose of the guidelines is to protect our users from distracting activity, help maintain the appearance of the physical environment, and reduce paper usage by encouraging the use of digital information systems.

This policy covers bulletin boards, digital displays, as well as interior spaces in the library (walls/desks/study spaces, etc.).


All promotional material to be posted or distributed in Brock University Library requires approval. Requests can be made in writing by email to Including a digital copy of the item in the email will expedite approval. We will endeavor to respond to requests within 48hrs. Upon approval, any printed materials for posting or distribution should be delivered to the library.

Items posted or distributed in the Library without approval are subject to immediate removal.

Posters and Digital Displays

Two bulletin boards, and multiple digital displays in the Matheson Learning Commons are available for posting informational notices about the services, programs, and events of the Library and Learning Commons Partners.

On a limited basis, information from other Brock University departments that promote academic or research-oriented events on campus (e.g., symposia, colloquia, special lectures) or that promote community engagement may be posted.

Requests from groups external to the University may be considered, only in exceptional circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis.

Informational material publicizing a date-specific event will be removed after the event has taken place. Otherwise, material will be removed after 2 weeks, or as space is required.

Handbills/Flyers/Table Tents/Free Giveaways

No personal solicitation is permitted within Brock University Library spaces. Users are not to be approached or disturbed.

Approved materials will be displayed and/or made available from any service desk immediately prior to and during an event for a maximum of two weeks. Materials will then be discarded unless arrangements have been made for pickup.

Approved print materials may also be distributed in vacant spaces under the following conditions:

  • only 1 flyer/handbill per area.
  • distribution is limited to a maximum of 1 week.
  • at the conclusion of the agreed upon time, materials that are not removed will be discarded.
  • only 1 promotional distribution from a department/group may take place at any one time.

Materials that do not conform to these guidelines will be collected and discarded.

Marketing/Assessment Activities

Promotional materials for activities (i.e., focus groups, recruitment, surveys, etc.) are permitted by Learning Commons’ partners only, subject to the guidelines above. These activities may take place at service areas or in the Consultation Room ST227 subject to approval and subsequent booking of the room.

Participants should be recruited through appropriate signage or prior arrangement. Users are not to be directly approached or disturbed.

Donation Boxes/Charitable Campaigns

Subject to the guidelines above, Brock University Library will consider requests on an exceptional basis from charitable groups associated with Brock University or the community. Brock University Library will not be held accountable for any financial or material losses.

Requesting an Informational Table in the Library

Requests for table space (e.g., a table and chairs to promote a service or opportunity) are granted on an exceptional basis, and normally only for Learning Commons Partners and/or for topics directly related to the Library’s mission. Users are directed to the University’s Table Booking system which is suitable for anything else.

Last Revised October 2023