Study and Work Space

The James A. Gibson Library and Matheson Learning Commons offer an environment for quiet study and work, group learning and collaboration, and instructional areas for learning about information resources and materials.

The Library has over 1400 comfortable study spaces located in three distinct zones; common areas, quiet areas, and silent areas.

Each floor of the Library has signage indicating designated areas. In consideration of other library users, please respect these study area designations.

Most of the main (second) floor of the Library and Learning Commons consists of common areas, including service desks, group study areas and rooms, instructional space, and comfortable seating areas.

Floors 5, 6, and 7 of the Library also have several group study areas with whiteboards and electrical outlets.

The Library also offers quiet space for readers and student work. Please speak quietly in these areas.

The one-person study carrels and computer workstations on the main floor and the study carrels on floors 5, 6, 7, and 8 are quiet areas. Individual study rooms for quiet study are available on a drop-in basis on floor 8.

Floors 9, 10, and Classroom B (when not in use for instruction) are silent areas. Please do not talk in these areas so that others can concentrate on their studies. Individual study rooms for silent study are available on a drop-in bais on floors 9 and 10.

Please turn off the ringer or volume on your cell phone and other electronic devices when you enter the Library.


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