DSL Tools and Tutorials


Staff in the DSL are always exploring new and emerging digital tools and software applications that will benefit the Brock community.

Visit our GitHub page for a list of suggested Desktop Applications & On-line tools – many of which will be available on DSL workstations.

Research Tools On Demand (RTOD)

Research Tools on Demand is an innovative new service that allows researchers to access secure, temporary containers incorporating digital tools that are not offered anywhere else on campus.  These containers are hosted locally and run only as long as they are needed. Ask today about RTOD!

Research Tools on Demand icons available.

Cluster Computing for Humans (CCH)

Cluster Computing for Humans is a cutting-edge service that allows the distribution of computing tasks to multiple computers. This will enable large scale data analysis and collection tasks to be completed in a fraction of the time.


Staff in the DSL are here to support you in getting the most out of these powerful tools. Below is a list of online tutorials we’ve created to get you started.


Contact us! dsl@brocku.ca

Featured Tool

Omeka S Logo
Omeka is a digital exhibit platform built with preservation and good data principles in mind. It can display documents, images, and other material in a guided exhibit.

Visit our most recent Omeka Gallery created in partnership with the Brock University Archives and Special Collections. This Omeka exhibit provides a detailed account of the Niagara leg of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales’ goodwill tour of North America in 1860.