DSL Tools and Tutorials


Staff in the DSL are always exploring new and emerging digital tools and software applications that will benefit the Brock community.

Visit our GitHub page for a list of suggested Desktop Applications & On-line tools – many of which will be available on DSL workstations.


Staff in the DSL are here to support you in getting the most out of these powerful tools. Below is a list of online tutorials we’ve created to get you started.


Contact us! dsl@brocku.ca

Featured Tool

Omeka S Logo
Omeka is a digital exhibit platform built with preservation and good data principles in mind. It can display documents, images, and other material in a guided exhibit.

Visit our most recent Omeka Gallery created in partnership with the Brock University Archives and Special Collections. This Omeka exhibit provides a detailed account of the Niagara leg of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales’ goodwill tour of North America in 1860.