Makerspace Workshops

Join any of our guided workshops covering a variety of subjects on Experience BU. We’re happy to introduce you to any of our emerging technologies and walk you through how these systems work and what you can create with them. Below we’ve listed the subjects of our workshops to give you a better idea of what to expect before signing up.

Community members or alumni can register for our workshops by emailing us at Simply let us know the date, time, and name of the workshop you want to attend and we’ll reply with the workshop link.

Here’s a taste of the types of workshops we offer.  Everyone is welcome.

Have an Idea for a Workshop?

At the Makerspace, we believe two heads are better than one, make that, a community of heads (now that’s an image for you!) Send us your ideas, or topics you’d like the Makerspace to offer more support and guidance on.  We’ll look into how we can support you better.

Earn a Credit

Photo of Tabitha Lewis

Tabitha Lewis

The Makerspace has partnered with the Department of Digital Humanities to offer students a makerspace focused course.  Every year students have an opportunity to take IASC 1P03 – Makerspace Foundations and learn about the history, technology and current impact making and DIY culture have on higher education and various communities.  This course also provides ways to gain technology and digital literacy through project-based learning.  This course is taught by our very own Tabitha Lewis, the lead conceptual designer and coordinator of the Brock University Library Makerspace and a Brock graduate.

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