Centre for Digital Humanities

The Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) is a teaching and research unit which focuses on the intersection of interactive technologies and the humanities. The CDH is centrally located on Brock’s main campus.

The Centre for Digital Humanities is home to Brock’s Interactive Arts and Science (IASC) program and the GAME program, the latter in partnership with the Department of Computer Science and Niagara College. We offer courses to Brock students pursuing studies in a wide range of disciplines within and beyond the Faculty of Humanities. A number of Interactive Arts and Science courses are cross listed with other academic units at Brock.

There are three appointed faculty members at the Centre and a number of affiliated faculty members. The Centre’s facilities include collaborative production spaces, multimedia teaching labs and seminar rooms.

Facilities and services

More information on the facilities and services available in the Centre for Digital Humanities including collaborative production spaces, a multimedia teaching lab, and seminar rooms.

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