Publishing Support

Faculty and graduate students can find support developing their research project, finding, creating and working with data, publishing and sharing research, as well as measuring their research impact. Learn more about the services and expertise available to you through the Brock University Library.

Digital Scholarship

The Digital Scholarship Lab brings together a variety of services and expertise that support digital research initiatives happening across Brock University.

Research Data Management

Recommendations and resources for managing qualitative and quantitative data collected or created in the research process.

Where to Publish

Find help determining your publishing needs and recommended resources on finding the right journal for your research.

Open Access Publishing

Learn more about how you can make access to your research open, free, and unrestricted to the global community.

Your Scholarly Profile

Find recommended resources and best practices for organizing and publicizing your body of work as a scholar.

Research Metrics

Explore a variety of tools and resources to help you measure and demonstrate the impact of your research.

Sharing Your Work

Find support and instructions on how you can deposit your work into the Brock Digital Repository.

Tracking Literature

Find recommended services that can help you keep on top of published research in your field.