Library Representatives

Your role as the Library’s Representative in your department is critical to facilitating communication and collaboration between the Library and academic units.

Library Representatives ensure their academic areas are aware of relevant Library resources and services, while also informing Liaison Librarians of important issues related to curriculum, research and scholarship.

Specifically, your role is:

  1. To facilitate communication between members of your department and the Library
  2. To collaborate with your Liaison Librarian regarding research and teaching initiatives

We ask that you:

  1. Inform your Liaison Librarian regarding curriculum changes, new faculty hires, emerging research interests
  2. Contact your Liaison Librarian with requests for new Library materials
  3. Ensure that members of your department are aware of relevant Library services
  4. Invite your Liaison Librarian to regularly attend departmental meetings to report on Library initiatives and discuss Library-related issues
  5. Attend meetings hosted by the Library to discuss major Library developments, provide feedback, and ask questions
  6. Distribute information from your Liaison Librarian to your departmental colleagues

Current Library Representatives

Liaison Librarian

Library Representative

Health Sciences

Ana Sanchez (Fall 2021)
Hui Di Wang (Winter 2022)

Recreation & Leisure Studies

Sport Management

Liaison Librarian

Library Representative

Indigenous Studies

Department of Teacher Education

Liaison Librarian

Library Representative

Canadian Studies

English Language & Literature

Hispanic & Latin American Studies

Interactive Arts & Science

Interdisciplinary Humanities PhD

Medieval & Renaissance Studies

Studies in Arts & Culture

Studies in Comp. Lit. & Arts MA

Studies in Comparative Literatures & Cultures

Liaison Librarian

Library Representative


Finance, Operations and Information Systems

Marketing, International Business & Strategy

Organizational Behaviour, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship & Ethics

Liaison Librarian

Library Representative


Oenology & Viticulture

Biological Sciences


Computer Science

Earth Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics


Liaison Librarian

Library Representative

Applied Disability Studies

Applied Linguistics

Child & Youth Studies

Communication, Popular Culture and Film

Geography & Tourism Studies

Intercultural Studies

Labour Studies

Political Science

Social Justice/Equity Studies MA

Sustainability Science and Society

Women’s & Gender Studies