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person wearing virtual reality headset with a large display and brock banner in the background

History Meets Virtual Reality

Dr. Vlossak in collaboration with Experiential Education and the Makerspace showcased the Virtual Bauhaus Virtual Reality Experience in Guernsey Market during the month of October 2019.

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Studies in Arts and Culture
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ConnectED – DSBN and IHUB

Digital Pedagogy Institute – DPI

Tech Showcase – Centre for Pedagogical Innovation

Scientifically Yours

Bridging our Worlds through Science

DSBN – iHub

Youth University

Various Libraries in the Niagara Region

How we helped during the Pandemic

The Brock University Library Makerspace has used some of our resources to help during this time and join the fight against the spread of COVID-19.  Due to the increase in access to PPE we are no longer making face shields in house.

Emergency officers standing outside with a bin of faceshields
Assembled face shields with black frames
a white 3D printer with a black object being printed

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