Study Space and Rooms

COVID-19 Notes:

  • seating has been reduced throughout the Library to encourage physical distancing.
  • due to masking rules, no food is permitted in the library. Lidded drinks are allowed.

The James A. Gibson Library offers an environment for quiet study, group learning and collaboration.

The Library has over 1400 comfortable study spaces in three distinct zones: common areas, quiet areas and silent study zones.

Bookable Spaces

Both hybrid learning spaces (individual rooms) and group study rooms are available for advanced booking.

Quiet Study Areas


The one-person study carrels and computer workstations on the main floor and the study carrels on floors 5, 6, 7, and 8 are quiet areas.

Students in quiet study area
Carrels on floor 10

Silent Study Areas


Floors 9, 10, are silent areas. An enclosed silent study room with seating for over 30 is available on floor 5.

Group Study and Common Areas

Most of the main (second) floor of the Library and Learning Commons consists of common areas.

Floors 5, 6, and 7 also have several group study areas with bookable group study rooms, whiteboards and electrical outlets.

Floor 5 is a group study zone
Image of Study Space Locations. Silent Study located on Floors 9 and 10. Quiet Study located on Floors 5-8 and main floor. Group Study and common areas located on Floors 5-7 and main floor.

Books A – DA 499

Archives and Special Collections.

Books DA 500 – JC

Books JF – PR 3399

Public workstation on this floor.

Journals Per A-ZA


Government Documents Collection

Books PR 3400 – QA 399

Books QA400 – ZA

DVDs & VHS Videos

Microform Room and public workstation.

Course Readings

Instruction classrooms

Featured Book Display

Indigenous Collection

Popular Reading Collection

Wellness Collection

Coco Fresh


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