Many of the discoveries our researchers make have real-world applications. Partnering with industry to bring these innovations to market creates benefits for all involved and brings the fruits of our research to society, improving many lives while contributing to economic growth.

From a “green” coating system that protects metals against corrosion, to clothing that protects the wearer against extreme cold, to a program that measures the cold hardiness of grapevines and warns growers when to turn on their frost-fighting wind machines, our partnerships have yielded great results.

Brock has had much success over the years working with industry to develop a wide array of products, processes and services through longstanding partnerships with business. These opportunities also allow students to gain practical experience and build relationships with established companies.

Brock Innovation & Commercialization manages research and innovation relationships between members of Brock University and the commercial world. We help to bring intellectual property to market, put in place partnerships for research, assist professors and students with new ventures, and provide academic extension services and consultancy.

Within Brock, we liaise closely with other groups that are involved with companies, including the Co-op Programs Office and BioLinc.

We encourage faculty, students and staff who have innovation and commercialization ideas to approach us for a confidential discussion.

We invite industry to get to know Brock research and speak to us confidentially about ideas and possibilities.

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