Information Literacy Instruction Guidelines

This page is for faculty members seeking Information Literacy Instruction for students.

The Library Teaching and Learning Department provides course level instruction in different ways, including:

  • Online Learning via digital learning modules embedded into the LMS and/or course-specific research guides.
  • Developing assignments to teach information seeking/management skills.
  • Guest lessons: The Librarian designs classes to meet the needs of specific assignments and to address broad learning expectations.

Guidelines for Library Instruction

  1. Instructors are expected to be present during the Library workshop. It is crucial that instructors be on hand to answer questions about the research assignment if they arise. In addition, experience has shown that students are more engaged when the instructor participates in the session.
  2. Requests for library instruction should be made prior to the start of term, or well in advance of the session. Notice is required in order to ensure availability and to allow librarians time to prepare and develop content.
  3. In-person/Synchronous teaching should be linked to an assignment. When the information is relevant to students’ immediate needs and concerns, they are more likely to recall and be able to use the resources and strategies taught. Students should be made aware of the requirements of the assignment and have had an opportunity to explore potential research topics.
  4. Requests for general library orientation not associated with an assignment will be accommodated through online learning modules such as Library Research Fundamentals.
  5. 100 level courses without substantial research requirements will be accommodated using online learning modules that cover the basics of library use and research.
  6. Seminar level instruction with multiple sections can be accommodated through a train-the-trainer model utilizing tutorial assistants.

Did you know?

The Library offers instruction on a variety of other topics eg. Emerging Technologies, Data Visualization, Research Data Management, etc.  Visit our Library Instruction Support page for more details on how the Library can support your course needs.