Collaborations and Outreach

Digital scholarship is a form of research as well as experiential learning that enhances students’ abilities to work successfully and communicate effectively on group initiatives. Collaborations across any discipline with faculty, staff and students are encouraged. Digital Scholarship Lab staff are happy to suggest tools and methods that can help you achieve the goals of your project. 

Curriculum Consultation

Many programs here at Brock are seeking methods of integrating digital tools into their courses and curriculum. The DSL offers resources to help faculty develop modules and workshop sessions where students can experiment and create digital projects, with our assistance.  Contact us for more information.

Collaborate With Us

  • Research projects
  • Building digital skills
  • Enhancing resume
  • Creating digital projects
  • Learning digital research and communication methods
  • Hands-on, informative workshops
  • Learn new tools to create efficiency
  • Convert data into data visualizations
  • Research projects
  • Research Data Management Support
  • Curriculum consultation
  • In-class workshops on: Data visualization, GitHub, Omeka, Jupyter Notebooks, R, Python, GIS,
  • Consultation for students’ digital project

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Examples of Collaborative PROJECTS


Brock Archives and Special Collections:

Documenting COVID-19 in Niagara

When the Prince of Wales Came to Niagara


Archival Appetizers


Centre for Studies In Arts and and Culture



Brock Centre for Sport Capacity

Niagara Sport Database


“I love using new technology that can help make our archival records more accessible online.  But I am not always familiar with the latest and greatest software tools.  It is great to partner with the Digital Scholarship Lab who have the knowledge and skills to make our digital ideas into reality.”  

~David Sharon, Head of Archives and Special Collections

The Digital Scholarship Lab is a fantastic resource for all students. Our studies commonly require us to work with large sets of data (be that experimental data or collections of documents) and this is where DSL fits in. The programming and tools they provide allows one to more effectively and efficiently parse, analyse, and most importantly report on our findings in a meaningful way. If you have not attended a DLS workshop yet, I highly recommend reviewing their offerings as I’m sure there is something that will be helpful to you. “

~Robert, Brock University Student

We are immersed in information. It is absolutely a thrill to witness the massive volume of data flowing in. I cannot imagine how valuable the questions that will be answered in the digital age will be. To untangle my questions, the Digital Scholarship Lab helps me to recharge my skill set with a series of tutorials. More importantly, the hub continuously expands my mindset in research, learning, and personal growth.” 

~Crystal, Brock University Student

“Working with the DSL has been nothing but a great experience. DSL members have been extremely helpful with a variety of areas such as database design ideas and mapping (ArcGIS) opportunities with our data. I’d like to stress the opportunities that the DSL offers, either for support on projects, or even the workshops they offer. I’ve personally been to quite a few and had a great experience with them. Some of these workshops have focused on how to use different programs and programming languages that are relevant to many different students, researchers and other employees at this university. I hope more and more people take advantage of this resource on campus!”

~Cole McClean, Centre for Sport Capacity Coordinator