Ares Support and Instructions

The Course Readings Management System Ares allows instructors to make course materials available to enrolled students. The tool creates a single list of all the course materials (articles, e-books, web resources, etc.) requested for a class through the Course Readings Service and allows students to access many of their readings directly online through Brightspace.

Library staff will ensure that course readings are made available to students while respecting Canadian copyright law and existing Brock University licensing agreements and policies:

  • We encourage the use of Brock’s licensed and open access e-resources collections
  • Library staff will identify materials that fall outside our Fair Dealing Policy and explore available options.

Instructors can:

No additional step is required. Course readings will automatically appear in Brightspace under ‘Course Readings’.

Use the ‘Add to Reserve’ option in Omni. Here’s how:

1. Look for the item you need using Omni and sign in to get complete results and to request items:

Omni Sign-in Screen

2. Click on the title and click on the Add to Reserves link:

Add to reserves link in Omni

3. When prompted, log-in to Course Readings & Reserves. The pre-filled form for the article you chose will display:

Ares reserve form asking how will this item be supplied

4. For the question “How will this item be supplied?”, select “The item should link to a website. Return to Omni, open the article using links provided, copy the persistent link to the article and paste it to the pre-filled form:

Ares form. How will this item be supplied? By Permalink

5. Click Submit Item:

Ares form: Submit item

Copyright Compliance

Please note that all materials linked to or uploaded in Ares will be activated once we check their compliance with copyright guidelines and Brock University licensing agreements and policies. Learn more in the Copyright FAQ.