• Celebrating trans authors on Trans Day of Visibility 

    Brock Library is celebrating Trans Day of Visibility – marked on March 31 annually — by highlighting books by trans authors in our collection. 

    Because Trans Day of Visibility highlights the accomplishments of trans people in all spheres, we want to specifically recognize the contributions of transgender authors to literature and scholarship. These titles represent a diversity of genres and topics, ranging from poetry to memoir, history to romance. Many of the authors spotlighted are Canadian, including Gwen Benaway, Vivek Shraya and Ivan Coyote. 

    Several of these titles are available as e-books for you to read from wherever you are. While the Library’s print books are currently unavailable due to public health measures during the pandemic, please tuck this list aside to check out in future. 

    This year’s theme for Trans Day of Visibility is “surviving, thriving” (#TransThriving). We hope that reading the words of trans authors enriches your own knowledge and encourages you to help the trans community survive and thrive. 

    For more information about this occasion, please check out Trans Student Educational Resources. 


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  • Library Hours & Services Adjusted

    [Updated March 30, 2020]

    On March 13, 2020, Brock University suspended all face-to-face classes and exams for the remainder of the term. Brock University has restricted campus access to essential personnel only. There is no access to Brock University Library’s physical spaces and print collection at this time, and until further notice. The Library, however, continues to remain operational, with a shift to online services and support.

    No doubt, you have questions about how to access library materials and services – we have made a Frequently Asked Questions page to address these.

    For general inquiries, email us at, or chat live with one of our operators on Ask Chat. 

    You can also directly contact one of our service points: 

    Users can continue to directly contact their Liaison Librarian for research support, which can be accommodated online or via telephone. 

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  • Open Library of Humanities Open Access Award 2020

    The Open Library of Humanities (OLH), an academic-led, gold open access publisher with no author-facing charges, invites applications for the OLH Open Access Award 2020.

    Applications for OLH funding of up to £500 are welcomed from individuals or organizations in any location, and may be used to help fund events, projects or activities on open access or with an open access component, or other related costs that will be considered on a case-by-case basis in accordance with need and feasibility.

    The award is for projects that will promote open access within the humanities disciplines as widely as possible, and so will not be awarded to pay for individual Article Processing Charges (APCs) or article fees.

    Deadline is May 22. For more information, consult the OLH news release.

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  • Awards for innovative, open access graduate research

    Are you a graduate student using innovative technology to create a multimedia thesis or dissertation? Or perhaps you’ve improved graduate education by advancing open access theses and dissertations? 

    Brock community members are eligible to apply for an award from the Networked Library of Theses and Dissertations: 

    • The Innovative ETD Award recognizes student efforts to transform the genre of the dissertation through the use of innovative research data management techniques and software to create multimedia ETDs. Each winner will receive $1,000 and will be eligible to receive an additional $500 in travel scholarship funding to attend the ETD Symposium. 
    • The ETD Leadership Award recognizes members of the university community whose leadership and vision has helped raise awareness of the benefits of open access ETDs and whose efforts have improved graduate education and research through the use of technology. Winners will receive international honorary recognition, complimentary registration and 3 days accommodations to attend the ETD Symposium 

    Brock University Library, which hosts and disseminates graduate research via the Brock Digital Repository, is a member of the Networked Library of Theses and Dissertations. 

    Nominations must be emailed to ETD Awards Committee Chair James MacDonald at
    Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2020. For more information about the ETD Awards program, contact Charles Greenberg, ETD Awards Committee Chair, at

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  • On Display: Freedom to Read Week Poster Retrospective

    Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed them under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

    Freedom to Read Week is organized by the Freedom of Expression Committee of the Book and Periodical Council.

    Eye-catching, thought-provoking posters herald the annual event. A display featuring 36 of these designs is now exhibited at the Thistle entrance to the Matheson Learning Commons. View the exhibit until Friday, February 28.

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  • On Display: 13ème Édition de Festiv’Ébène

    Festive’Ébène is an annual celebration of the cultural and artistic contributions of Black Francophones in Niagara during Black History Month / African Heritage Month. The festival is hosted by Solidarité des femmes et familles interconnectées francophones du Niagara (SOFIFRAN).

    SOFIFRAN is a non-profit community organization created in 2006 by Francophone immigrant women – living in the Niagara region and from various parts of the world. The organization aims to meet the needs of women by providing services in the social, educational, cultural and economic fields.

    “Empreintes et mémoires / Imprints and Memories: Festiv’Ébène, 13 years of francophone festival in Niagara” is on display this month in the Matheson Learning Commons.

    Learn more about Black History Month / African Heritage Month events at Brock University.

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  • The Map, Data & GIS Library is celebrating and you should too!

    ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online resources are now available to the Brock University community through an enterprise login and Brock credentials. Just a few steps and you can have a world of mapping capabilities at your fingertips.

    Prior to this new method, students, staff and faculty were required to contact staff of the MDGL to obtain access.  Staff always responded to each request as quickly as possible but it was certainly not instant.  These Esri products are not free tools, however this is just one of the many resources that the Brock University Library provides access to for its users. We hope everyone takes the opportunity to explore the world of GIS and all of its many possibilities!

    Follow these simple instructions to begin using ArcGIS now!

    For further assistance please contact

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  • Research made easy with Omni

    Just in time for the research crunch, we invite you to learn the tips and tricks of Omni, our new academic search tool. All students, staff, and faculty are invited to attend one of two hands-on workshops this week. Both sessions will be held in Matheson Learning Commons classroom A on

    • Tuesday, February 4 at 2 p.m., and
    • Thursday, February 6 at 10:30 a.m.

    Learn to:

    • discover collections at Brock and the 13 other partner institutions.
    • refine search results by availability, resource type, focused subjects, library collection, and more.
    • browse a virtual bookshelf using Virtual Browse.
    • follow citations from references within an article, and those that cite it.
    • pin, collate, and tag materials in your ‘favourites’ file for easy retrieval.
    • cite, email, and export to a citation tool to manage your information.

    You are welcome to just drop-in to a session however, students will earn CWC credit if they register first on ExperienceBU

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  • On display: International Exchanges

    February 3 – 7, 2020 marks International Week here on campus! With events, socials and demonstrations happening all week-long, International Week highlights the cultural diversity that exists in our community and the importance of broadening your experiences to appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

    As part of IW, the Learning Commons Thistle display cases feature the International Mobility Program.

    A full list of events can be found on the Brock International Website


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  • Makerspace News

    What’s New This Term!

    Tech Highlights

    Now that we’re all moved into our new space, it allows us to start working in-depth with several of our new technologies. One of the most notable and quite frankly largest additions to our tech roster is the Whisper Room, an official sound isolation booth perfect for any form of audio recording! Coated wall to wall in sound dampening foam, it couples excellent with our audio tech to produce smooth and clear vocals free of any disruptive background noise.

    These coupled technologies are both dynamic and condenser microphones for a variance of sound quality and provide room for students to dabble and experiment. Each mic is directly connected to an audio interface which is connected to the computer workstation adjacent to the booth, loaded with several audio editing software to balance both vocals and instruments. The booth itself is also hooked up with a remote LED light to illuminate the room for viewing music sheets or scripts with clarity. The computing station also comes with its own mic for two way communication between station and booth to make recording a breeze.

    Located in our audio lab, the booth is open for all to use, so feel free to stop in and give it a try, no matter your musical inclination!



    But it’s not just faculty and staff that use the space for their own projects, after all its biggest population is students, so it’s no wonder we have an abundance of their work to choose from!

    Recently, given our new move, students are slowly beginning to trickle back into the space, but a certain group has been consistent in attending every day since our official opening

    began back on the 6th. Students Travis Lewis May, Nick Rutherford, Duke Samaka, and Anjola Komdafe have been making extended use of our esteemed audio lab with great enthusiasm. The group is crafting a collective track demo of their music work, so in many ways this is a double collaboration!

    Each member takes up an individual role, one directing and composing, another providing additional composition regarding beat, the writer, and the audio engineer to form their own small scale production team. They each bring a variety of editing knowledge to the table, boasting skills in both FL Studios and Logic Pro both of which the Makerspace provides.

    They’ve been extremely grateful to the Makerspace for providing a dedicated space to work on audio, as this was not the first time the team came together to create music. Originally they used to house a makeshift studio within one of the member’s dorms in Brock’s own Village residence. With it came the several obstructions of managing their noise levels and picking up the background noise of dormitory life, making for a rather temperamental recording space. Now they can apply their extensive knowledge to create in a fully equipped recording environment.

    If you would like a chance to do a live session of your own in our audio lab, or any lab for that matter, visit our Main Service Desk in the Makerspace and make a reservation any time between 1- 6 pm. You can also email us your booking request at with the subject line “Audio Lab Reservation”.


    Over the past three and a half years we’ve had the privilege of collaborating with students and faculty on a variety of personal and curricular based projects.  We got to sit down with Dr. Karen Louise Smith who has been an avid supporter and user of the Makerspace, and we asked her some questions to learn a bit more about what sparked her interest in using the Makerspace.  She has previously collaborated with the Makerspace for another course she teaches, COMM 3P91 – Information Technology: Policies and Issues where students had to 3D print an object to spark a conversation about a controversy that emerges from an information technology theme.

    What technology did you use in your class to enhance experiential learning?

    I developed a podcasting assignment for the Social Media course (Comm 2P91 / IASC 2P91 / PCUL 2P91) in the fall 2019 semester that was centered around fake news. The students in my course were able to borrow technologies like a Zoom recorder, or snowball microphone, from the Makerspace to record audio clips to use in their podcasts…Read More


    Featured Partnerships in Brock News

    Important Announcements

    Social Media – Any updates or news can be accessed via our social media on Instagram @brockmakerspace and Twitter @BrockMakerSpace. Be sure to give us a follow on either (or both if you’re so inclined) to know when we’re throwing something new and exciting your way! Don’t forget to tag us in any of your posts, we’ll be sure to give it a like and feature it on our own pages! Embrace the digital and keep on making, in and out of the space!

    Upcoming Events & Workshops


    The theme this month of January will be Audio, where we will take you through a progression of topics surrounding the capturing, editing, and refining of your audio.

    Event Titles

    • Makerspace Tour: Audio Lab
    • Audio: Basics of Recording for Podcasting
    • 3D Modelling Sound Waves

    Makerspace Event Calendar

    Subscribe to our Experience BU page to stay up to date on our events and learning opportunities.

    There are no events scheduled at this time.


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