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  • Honouring Indigenous Women and Girls

    This month’s featured Omni Collection is intended to honour and remember the lives of Indigenous Women and Girls in recognition of the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Sisters In Spirit Day. Browse and borrow from the print collection displayed next to the Ask Us desk and head online to view the Indigenous Women on Film sub-collection of documentaries.

    The collection also acts as a complement to The Canadian Library, a grassroots art installation project that acts as a memorial to all Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit people. The goal of the CLP is to wrap 8,000 books across Canada in fabric prints that reflect First Nations, Métis and Inuit as a testament to the lives lost. Before each book is placed on the gallery bookshelf in the library, the name of one of the MMIWG2S+ is written in gold along its spine.

    Brock Library is hosting three drop-in wrapping events in Learning Commons Classroom B (ST230). While no RSVP is required, registering on ExperienceBU and checking in at the events, will provide participants with credit toward their co-curricular record.  Sessions will be held on Monday, September 25 (2:30-5pm), Friday, September 29 (1:30-4pm), and Monday, October 2 (1:30-4pm).

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  • Systematic Review Crash Course starts April 12

    Systematic reviews, scoping reviews and other forms of evidence synthesis are increasingly popular in many academic disciplines because they generate powerful data used to guide policies, programming, patient care and other practices. 

    Join Brock University Librarians Ian Gordon, Chelsea Humphries, and Elizabeth Yates for a new three-part workshop series which will help participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to conduct a systematic or scoping review from start to finish. These in-person workshops are suitable for Brock faculty, librarians, graduate students and staff. Hands-on activities, and some pre-work/follow-up work – e.g. readings, watching short video modules – will be involved. Each workshop will build on skills and information from previous sessions; attending all three is ideal, but not required. Participants must bring their own laptop/device. 

    Registration is via ExperienceBU at the links above. These workshops are part of the Building Better Research series in collaboration with the Office of Research Services. 

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  • New workshop applies critical thinking to social media influencers

    Do you follow health and wellness accounts on Instagram or other social media platforms?  How do you know if the people you follow truly know what they are saying and showing about fitness, nutrition and wellness?

    Join librarians Chelsea and Justine for a workshop on “investigating the influencer” where they will discuss:

    • how to verify health & wellness claims
    • the impact of algorithms on what we see in our feed
    • how to check credentials and discover expert advice on social media
    • uncovering affiliate marketing and questionable promotions

    Join this online event February 14 from 12 to 12:45pm.

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  • Learn more about data extraction with Covidence

    To support researchers conducting evidence synthesis reviews – systematic reviews, scoping reviews, etc. – the Library subscribes to Covidence: software which streamlines the process of screening citations, assessing risk of bias and/or extracting study characteristics and outcomes.

    Covidence is presenting two webinars focused on the data extraction process at 11 am EST or 4 pm EST on Feb. 3.

    This session includes a live Q&A session on how to set up your template, organize your process, define your outcomes, resolve consensus, and the opportunity to get your specific questions answered.

    Please be sure to register here for the 11:00 am session or here for the 4:00 pm session if you’d like to join, or if you’re unable to join but would like to receive a recording of the session ~24 hours after it commences.

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  • International Open Access Week at Brock

    The Brock University Library will join in the global celebrations of International Open Access Week with two workshops highlighting how researchers can maximize the impact of their scholarship.

    • Oct. 26, 12-1 p.m. – Opening up graduate scholarship via the Brock Digital Repository, with Tim Ribaric, Acting Head of the Brock Digital Scholarship Lab and Map, Data and GIS Library, and Elizabeth Yates, Liaison and Scholarly Communication Librarian. This workshop will explore the process of showcasing graduate research via the Brock Digital Repository and highlight key considerations around publishing, copyright and embargoes. Register here.
    • Oct. 28, 12-1 p.m. – Maximizing Access and Impact: Support for Open Access Publishing at Brock, with Cal Murgu, Instructional Design Librarian, and Elizabeth Yates, Liaison and Scholarly Communication Librarian. This workshop will explore the benefits of open access publishing and highlight financial support available via the Library Open Access Publishing Fund and funding memberships with major publishers. Register here.

    Open Access refers to free, immediate online access to research. The theme of International Open Access Week is: It Matters How We Open Knowledge: Building Structural Equity. This theme aligns with the recent UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, which centres the need to “embrace a diversity of knowledge, practices, workflows, languages, research outputs and research topics”.  Open science, and open access publishing, can advance structural equity by ensuring equitable sharing of research outputs from scholars in both developed and developing nations.

    The Library strives to advance equitable open access practices by providing infrastructure to disseminate Brock’s research outputs via the Brock Digital Repository and Scholarly Journals at Brock, through education and advocacy, and by making financial investments to support a variety of open access platforms and projects.

    “During Open Access Week, we invite everyone in the Brock community to reflect on how they can break down barriers in how knowledge is created and shared,” says Elizabeth Yates, Liaison and Scholarly Communication Librarian. “And we hope that these workshops will spur conversations and actions which can help all of us advance equity – both individually and in our academic systems and communities.”

    More Open Access Week events from around the world can be found here.





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  • New workshop for students: Mindful Research

    Feeling overwhelmed with research?  Are final papers stressing you out?   

    Join Chelsea and Justine, liaison librarians and yoga instructors, for “Mindful Research” to learn how you can incorporate elements of mindfulness into the research process.  We will discuss the unique challenges of library research, outline the benefits of mindfulness, and offer strategies for building easy mindful practices into your day.   

    The workshop will be offered on Thursday, April 1 from 12:00-12:45 and repeated on Thursday, April 8 from 12:00-12:45 live on Teams.  If you have questions, please contact Chelsea or Justine.  Hope to see you there! 

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  • Makerspace News – End of Year

    What a year it’s been. 2020 is certainly going to be remembered in the Brock Makerspace as the year we made the Makerspace virtual! We have some new exciting events coming up in the new semester, so lets take a look.

    New ways to Learn and Collaborate in 2021

    New Workshops:  Intro to Soundcloud will be a new workshop added in 2021. This workshop is a great way for your students to build digital literacy and gain new skills in audio editing and production.

    New collaborative events:  Maker Hour events will give learners the opportunity to create alongside Makerspace staff and your fellow makers a project in 3D Modelling or Digital Audio Creation.

    ‘Ask a Maker’ on Instagram: You can join our live conversations with experts in the maker community and post your questions.  Follow us @brockmakerspace

    All Makerspace events will be hosted online through Lifesize or Instagram and continue to be an excellent resource for individual students and classes alike.


    Using our Website

    The ‘Learning in the Makerspace‘ page is an excellent resource for faculty & students to explore all our synchronous and asynchronous learning tools.  If you want to coordinate an in-class presentation using one of our workshops, email us at 

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  • GIS Week is November 16-20

    Celebrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day looks a little different this year. Universities across Ontario and Québec have joined forces to present workshops, and lectures, open to all, online.

    Events include: the Geography of Pokémon Go, QGIS, the mapping of conservation, of history and of COVID-19, as well as networking events and a trivia night.

    Organizers note that technical experience is not required. “Maps and mapping technology are more accessible now than ever before [and] no prior GIS experience [is] required.”

    The Brock University Map, Data & GIS Library will present a hands-on workshop as part of the week’s events.

    Western University’s Map and Data Centre is the hub for all events. View the full event listing and prepare to broaden your horizons.

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  • Introduction to the Canadian Common CV (CCV)

    The Office of Research Services will present a timely workshop for Brock researchers on the Canadian Common CV (CCV). This session is part of the Building Better Research series, a joint effort by the ORS and Brock University Library

    The Canadian Common CV Workshop, held Friday, November 6 from 12 to 1 p.m., will include an overview of CCV basics with lots of time for questions. It will be led by retired research officer Josie Reed.

    Register for this online workshop via ExperienceBU.

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  • Research Data Management Presentation

    In collaboration with the Office of Research Services, Brock University Library begins the Building Better Research series with an online workshop focusing on research data management.

    Professionals and researchers alike increasingly rely on accurate and comprehensive information describing the data they create and use, as well as secure and reliable storage options where data may be safely stored and readily discovered.

    Data management principles enable the best means to document, protect, preserve, and reuse all kinds of data, whether that be before, during or after the completion of a project.

    This workshop will give you the foundation to understand the value of data management expertise in a wide range of contexts, including academia, business, government, and industry.

    Register for this online workshop via ExperienceBU.

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