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  • Open Education Week

    Open Education (OE) Week is from March 7-11 this year. 

    This annual event highlights the impact that Open Education initiatives continue to have across subject fields and communities, and an opportunity for sharing, and learning about the latest innovations and achievements in Open Education worldwide. 

    In recognition of Open Education Week, March 7 to 11, the Brock University community will have access to events and webinars exploring open educational resources (OER) including:

    Educational Technologies for Open Pedagogies 1
    Cal Murgu (Brock University)
    Tim Ribaric (Brock University)

    Tim Ribaric and Cal Murgu, Librarians at Brock University, will discuss ed-tech solutions for open pedagogy. Featuring examples from their own practice, Tim and Cal will first discuss how Github Pages, Hugo, a static site generator, and H5P, can be used to create interactive and modular learning without worrying about institutional infrastructure, financing, and red tape. Secondly, Tim and Cal will discuss how Google Collab, an interactive coding environment that runs in your browser, can be used to create accessible learning experiences for novice students or expert programmers.

    Registration is free for this event which will be presented in collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Open Education Week Symposium on Wednesday, March 9 at 12:30 pm (10:30 MST)

    Celebrated annually across the globe, Open Education Week raises awareness and showcases the impact of open education on teaching and learning worldwide. 


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