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From workshops to simple questions, the Makerspace is here to expand your horizons and explore several different technologies. This is a great time to see what we have to offer and share your ideas!

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Join any of our guided workshops covering a variety of subjects on Experience BU. We’re happy to introduce you to any of our emerging technologies and walk you through how these systems work and what you can create with them. Below we’ve listed the subjects of our workshops to give you a better idea of what to expect before signing up.

Curious about 3D printing? Let us tell you more. Do you want to learn how to design 3D models? It’s easier than you think. Discover what 3D models you can design and produce with our printers. Our Services page has printing costs and available materials.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is used far and wide for producing larger parts. A string of plastic called filament is melted through a hot metal piece called an extruder onto a platform called a build plate. The next layer is then placed on top of the previous layer over and over until the model is complete. 

Stereolithography/Dark Light Projection (SLA/DLP) uses light to turn liquid resin into polymers, and layer-by-layer transform into a solid 3D object that is then dried with ultraviolet light. 

Take woodworking to the next level! Design your custom creation using Easel, a free and easy to use web-based software. Our Services page has carving costs and available materials.

Combining digital software with physical device, Computational Numeric Control feeds a design’s data to a machine via software, which cuts or engraves it into a chosen material, using an array of tools for precision and versatility.

Like the Carvey, Laser Cutting has an online digital program feeding data of a design to a physical device to cut or engrave into a material, instead using laser technology reflected by small circular lenses. Our Services page has cutting costs and available materials.

Let your voice be heard! Broadcast your ideas to the masses! From conception to publishing, we’ll walk you through the basics to get your own audio podcast up and running. 

Explore different recording tools and equipment. Try out editing tools like Audacity to refine and boost your sound with effects where necessary. Browse hosting services to spread your ideas across the web!

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Consultative Learning


Attend one of our Virtual Drop-Ins on ExperienceBU or email us if you have maker-related questions.  Virtual Drop-In events are a great space to bring your ideas to life by, connecting with other makers across campus, asking questions about anything maker-related, and getting advice from our knowledgable staff.  If you can not join us for a Virtual Drop-In be sure to email us to set up a time to chat 1 to 1.

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