Matheson Learning Commons

This dynamic, student-centered space is located on the main floor of the Library.

Featuring advanced technology, integrated service points, and a variety of study spaces, the Learning Commons is designed to enhance the scholarly, creative, and professional pursuits of the Brock Community.  This welcoming environment offers unique opportunities for students to collaborate with their peers, exchange ideas, and find support for their academic activities.

Learning Commons Partners

James A. Gibson Library

Support for teaching, research, and learning with a wide range of services, expertise and collections.

Career Education

Helping students navigate career opportunities and develop career goals while supporting employers with their campus hiring strategies

A-Z Learning Services

Free academic and life skills workshops, drop-in learning centres and online resources.

Centre for Pedagogical Innovation

Support, promotion and advancement of teaching and learning.

Bookable group study rooms are available in the Learning Commons and throughout the James A. Gibson Library. Rooms can be reserved up to two weeks in advance.

We offer an array of services within a dynamic and vibrant learning environment.

Fresh new space

  • 11 group study rooms that can be reserved for use by student groups
  • a variety of study areas: booths, couches, tables, counters, individual study carrels
  • 2  classrooms available for workshops and seminars
  • 2 entrances for convenience
  • Common Grounds cafe

Easy access to services and assistance

  • Combined circulation/reserves/research help services at the ASK US desk – sign out library materials in one place!
  • collaborative group spaces
  • computer lab and silent study designated times/spaces

New technology

  • 113 public computers (PCs)
  • 2 touchscreen directories
  • 2 digital information screens
  • photocopiers and printers
  • digital art wall displaying media art from the Brock community
  • a makerspace

Proudly serving Starbucks coffee and specialty beverages. Come in and enjoy:

  • Iced drinks
  • Tea, Coffee
  • Desserts
  • Cold Drinks

Fall/Winter Term Regular Hours:

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:30AM-10:00PM
  • Friday: 7:30AM-7:00PM
  • Saturday: 10AM-6PM

Review the Library & Learning Commons Policies and Guidelines. 


The Matheson Learning Commons welcomes exhibits that support the learning, teaching and research activities of Brock University.

Exhibit space is in the form of 2 display cases inside the Learning Commons, 2 display cases outside the south entrance, along the Thistle Corridor, and a four-screen LCD video art wall.

Exhibits are subject to the Learning Commons Exhibit Guidelines which pertain to Brock University departments, committees or organizations who may wish to use the exhibit/display space in the Matheson Learning Commons. All proposals should be submitted on the Exhibit Request form.

Two bulletin boards, two LC Digital Information Screens, and two Touchscreens are available for posting informational notices about services, programs and events by the Learning Commons partners. On a limited basis, information from other Brock University departments that promote academic or research oriented events on campus (e.g. symposia, colloquia, special lectures) or that promote community engagement may be posted. Requests from groups external to the University may be considered, only in exceptional circumstances, and on a case-by-case basis. Postings are subject to the Learning Commons Bulletin Board and Digital Information System Posting Guidelines.

Full Exhibit Guidelines

Submit a Request

The Matheson Learning Commons is equipped with a four-screen LCD video wall (with speakers), suitable for the presentation of various forms of digital art. Designed to enhance the inviting and engaging atmosphere of the Learning Commons, the Digital Art Wall is situated at the busy south entrance, next to comfortable seating and group work areas. As a custom-made digital art venue, it facilitates and encourages the development of digital art in the Niagara region by promoting exhibitions that will showcase media art, instigate dialogue and expose the Brock community to this art form and its discourse.

Submissions by Brock University students, faculty, staff and alumni are welcome. The Learning Commons Digital Art Wall Committee’s mandate is to consider all submissions and approve selections for exhibition.

Projects proposed for consideration must relate to the teaching, learning or research activities at Brock University and be artistic or educational in nature. The Digital Art Wall is not intended to be used for marketing purposes or as a bulletin-board type venue. Special consideration will be given to submissions that utilize the display space in innovative and creative ways. The Digital Art Wall resides within a study/work area and the needs of users will take precedence.

All proposals must be submitted on the Digital Art Wall Exhibit Proposal Submission Form for consideration by the Learning Commons Digital Art Wall Committee. Potential exhibitors will be contacted regarding the status of their proposed exhibit as soon as the Committee has met for adjudication. The Committee retains the right of refusal and is not obliged to accept every exhibit offered for display. If accepted, the Committee retains the right to approve any publicity.

Full Digital Art Wall Guidelines

Submit a Proposal


Contact Donna Grant, Learning Commons Manager.  Office, ST239. Phone, 905-688-5550 x3924. Email,