Brock Librarians strengthen support for Open Access

Brock Librarians are leading by example as champions of open scholarship with a new commitment to freely share the results of their scholarly activities.

Under Library Council’s new Open Access Policy, librarians will strive to practice Open Access by:

  • Depositing their scholarly outputs in the Brock Digital Repository or other appropriate subject/institutional repository
  • Publishing in open access journals whenever feasible
  • Openly disseminating any scholarly non-textual outputs
  • Advocating for open publishing in their work as editors, reviewers and authors
  • Assisting all Brock researchers, including their library colleagues, to make their research openly available

“This policy statement reflects Library Council’s support for the importance of openness,” said Ian Gibson, chair of Library Council, “while respecting the academic freedom of Librarians to publish in the manner they feel is most appropriate for their work.”

Open Access has many benefits, including broadening the reach of Brock research, enhancing opportunities for collaboration and promoting new models of freely sharing scholarship. It also ensures publicly funded research is freely available to the public.

Questions? Please contact Elizabeth Yates, Liaison/Scholarly Communication Librarian ~


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