Library Open Access Resolution

Adopted by Library Council on June 19, 2017. Revised by Library Council on June 26, 2018.


Brock University’s Library Council recognizes that open access to scholarship brings many benefits including broadening the global reach of librarians’ research and enhancing opportunities for collaboration. We believe that publicly-funded research should be freely available to the public.

Open access also holds the potential to improve a dysfunctional scholarly communication system by reducing reliance on subscription information resources and promoting the development of new models to freely share scholarship. We also recognize our responsibilities to lead by example as champions of open scholarship at Brock.

Open access statement

Library Council recommends that Brock Librarians strive to implement open access practices by:

  • Depositing their scholarly outputs in the Brock Digital Repository or other appropriate subject/institutional repository
  • Publishing in open access journals whenever feasible
  • Openly disseminating any scholarly non-textual outputs
  • Advocating for open publishing in their work as editors, reviewers and authors
  • Assisting all Brock researchers, including their library colleagues, to make their research openly available

Guidelines and scope

As of the date of its adoption, this resolution applies to the results of scholarly activities as defined in the BUFA collective agreement, 22.06b, including:

  • the publication of books, bibliographic work, case studies, monographs, and contributions to edited books (metadata-only deposit permitted for monographs)
  • papers in peer refereed journals;
  • papers delivered at professional meetings;
  • papers in edited professional publications;
  • creative works;
  • other scholarship appropriate to the discipline

As well, the resolution will apply to:

  • data
  • grey literature e.g. policy documents, professional reports

Retrospective deposit is encouraged.
Co-authored works should be included with the permission of the other author(s)

Copyright considerations

Publisher copyright policies will be accommodated by the Brock Digital Repository, which permits immediate deposit with public release in compliance with any embargo periods. If embargoes or copyright policies are barriers to self-archiving, metadata only may be deposited.

Author post-prints or final published versions are preferred for deposit but other article versions can be accommodated.


All members of Library Council are responsible for implementing the resolution with support from their colleagues including the Scholarly Communication Librarian and Digital Services Librarian.

The University Librarian’s office will be responsible for reminding Librarians of the resolution provisions in conjunction with the annual reporting process.


Library Council will review this resolution biennially.