About the DSL

The intersection between data and its visualization, featuring expertise, resources, tools, and programming.

The Space

The Digital Scholarship Lab is an 1100 square foot glass-enclosed space, located on the 200 Level in the Rankin Family Pavilion near the front entrance. It is in close proximity to the Brock Library Makerspace, and adjacent to two Multipurpose Rooms, both also administered by the library.  Within the space, visitors have access to:

  • Comprehensive Visualization Wall
  • Gaming Quality Computers:
    • Intel XEON 2.8 GHz Processors
    • NVIDIA QUADRO P2000 Graphics Card
  • Professional Software
  • Collaborative Work Spaces
  • Expert & Friendly Staff

The Hub of Digital Scholarship on Campus

In addition to being one of several learning spaces in the building, the Digital Scholarship Lab is supported by several different partners on campus. Specifically, Brock Library has partnered with representatives from SHARCNET, Compute Canada, and Brock ITS to help provide end-user services. By bringing together expertise from across campus into one collaborative space, the Digital Scholarship Lab can offer more robust and diverse support for digital scholarship.

Digital scholarship is by its nature collaborative, multi-disciplinary and draws upon a broad range of expertise from across librarianship, research data management, data visualization, data processing, digital preservation, and digital pedagogy. The Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) will be a hub to explore, discover, create, and play with data and visual tools, methods, and objects, and to contribute that knowledge back to the community.