Library Code of Conduct

The James A. Gibson Library provides an environment for research, study, instruction, and reading for the Brock academic community and visitors to the University. The Library’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the protection of the Library’s collections, buildings, equipment, and environment, as well as the safety and security of Library users and staff.

Student Code of Conduct

The Library’s Code of Conduct is consistent with the University’s Student Code of Conduct.

  • Please sign out all library material before leaving the library
  • Please return all material on time so that it is available to other library users
  • Please do not deface, mutilate, or conceal library materials which would deprive other library users of their use
  • Please remain in the public areas of the library and leave the library during emergency drills and evacuations
  • Please follow the Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of Library Workstations and the University’s Guide to Academic Computing Behaviour
  • Please use emergency exits only in the event of an emergency situation or a fire alarm
  • Please show valid ID to Library staff if requested
  • Please follow the Library’s Food and Drink Policy
  • Please do not deface or vandalize library furniture or equipment
  • Please be respectful of other library users and observe the Study and Work Space designations
  • Guide and assistance animals are welcome in the Library
  • Please refrain from any threatening or intimidating behaviour as outlined in Brock’s Student Code of Conduct and Brock’s Sexual Assault & Harassment Policy
  • For personal safety, do not cover windows in closed carrels or group study rooms
  • Unattended belongings may be removed to the Library’s Ask Us Desk for safekeeping