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  • Introduction to ArcGIS – DSL Style

    On Wednesday, December 5 from 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. in Classroom A on the main floor of the James A. Gibson Library, the Digital Scholarship Lab, in partnership with the Map, Data and GIS Library, is hosting an Introduction to ArcGIS workshop.

    Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are used to create maps and analyze geospatial data. GIS tools can be used to create data visualizations for a variety projects and its functionality is not constrained to geographical research projects alone. Some examples of diverse GIS applications include research on: disease control, agriculture, tourism, astronomy, archaeology, human behavior, shipping routes and traffic, wildlife tracking, climate change, crime patterns, banking, gaming, history, humanitarianism, and sports. The options really are endless.

    In this workshop you will learn basic functionality of Esri’s front-running software, ArcGIS Pro. Using a fictional scenario, we will use GIS to determine where Starbucks Corporation should build a new coffee shop based on certain criteria. Although previous experience with GIS is helpful, beginners are welcome! This workshop is a great first step in determining if GIS can be applied to your research projects and presentations.

    Sign up at: ExperienceBU or email us at

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  • DSL Invites YOU to Introductory GitHub Workshop

    The Digital Scholarship Lab is hosting a GitHub and version control workshop on Wednesday, December 5th from 2-4:30 p.m. in Classroom A of the James A. Gibson Library.  This is an introductory workshop and is open to everyone. There is no cost to attend this event.

    GitHub is a very useful version control system that allows for efficient and effective project collaboration. GitHub allows multiple people to share and edit projects, as well as track revisions. If you are working on a group research project, want to connect with other GitHub users, or simply would like more information on this innovative tool then this workshop is for you.

    Sign up at: ExperienceBU or email us at

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  • Introducing the Brock Digital Scholarship Lab

    Everything is coming together! The building is almost built and the digital scholarship team has formed.  Your DSL team includes: Tim Ribaric – Acting Head, Map Data GIS Library / Digital Scholarship Lab, Daniel Brett – Digital Scholarship Lab Technical Support, and Alicia Floyd – Digital Scholarship Service Coordinator. Together we are working hard to plan services, workshops and investigate innovative digital tools for the Brock community to benefit from.

    The lab itself will feature work stations, high performance computers, and visualization panels.  Some of the digital tools that will be available for use include: Omeka, Tableau, GitHub, OpenRefine, and Jupyter Notebooks, just to name a few.  The DSL team will also host workshops on these tools from introductory level to more advanced, and will offer Compute Canada workshops and webinars, R drop-in sessions, and Python Jams. Experts will be available to assist with Research Data Management and to help users choose the most useful tool for their research initiative.

    Stay connected with the DSL through our various social media channels or email us at

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