Introducing the Brock Digital Scholarship Lab

Everything is coming together! The building is almost built and the digital scholarship team has formed.  Your DSL team includes: Tim Ribaric – Acting Head, Map Data GIS Library / Digital Scholarship Lab, Daniel Brett – Digital Scholarship Lab Technical Support, and Alicia Floyd – Digital Scholarship Service Coordinator. Together we are working hard to plan services, workshops and investigate innovative digital tools for the Brock community to benefit from.

The lab itself will feature work stations, high performance computers, and visualization panels.  Some of the digital tools that will be available for use include: Omeka, Tableau, GitHub, OpenRefine, and Jupyter Notebooks, just to name a few.  The DSL team will also host workshops on these tools from introductory level to more advanced, and will offer Compute Canada workshops and webinars, R drop-in sessions, and Python Jams. Experts will be available to assist with Research Data Management and to help users choose the most useful tool for their research initiative.

Stay connected with the DSL through our various social media channels or email us at

Photograph Attribution: Scott Roper

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