New Resource: Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic (MA) is a next generation academic search tool. Heavily influenced by AI semantic search algorithms, MA scans publishers, societies, and open web content to identify key authors, topics, conferences, journals in all disciplines. The scope of content covered, speed of searching, and wealth of bibliometric semantic algorithmic analysis is simply amazing.

Microsoft Academic features:

  • Contains over 252 million scholarly records and growing quickly
  • Ranks top topics, descriptors, publication types, authors, journals, repositories, and institutions
  • Allows for sorting, alerting, downloading, and citation analysis tools
  • Includes powerful citation and disciplinary visualizations
  • Provides article “cited by” analysis lists to forward track citatio
  • Personal account features enabling users to manage saved citations, share lists, and receive notifications
  • Is straightforward and free to search.

Learn more about how MA works and check out the Brock University’s profile of over 12,000 publications and 344,000 citations.

Ian Gordon
Science Liaison Librarian

Categories: Main