Featured Collection: Student Picks

During Welcome Week 2021, we put out a large white board and asked you “What was the last good book you read?” We were impressed by the variety of titles. What a well rounded bunch of readers you Badgers are!

The list of titles included classics works such as Lust for Life by Irving Stone, Canadian literary fiction such as Motorcycles & Sweetgrass by Drew Hayden Taylor, Murder on the Orient Express, by renowned mystery fiction writer Agatha Christie, to popular non-fiction works such as Atomic Habits (James Clear), and The Mastery of Love: a practical guide to the art of relationship (Don Miguel Ruiz) and of course being the life long learners that you university students are, even titles such as How to Watch Television (E.Thompson & J.Mittell) and A History of Economic thought (W.Barber).

We loved the book suggestions so much, that we went out and bought them all! (or at least the titles we didn’t already have).  You can browse the full list of Student Picks in Omni and of course place a hold on any of them (Holiday reading anyone?).

We plan to put them all on display in the Learning Commons soon.  Keep your eye out!

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