5 Session Registered Activities

Register now to secure your spot in these amazing 5-week programs.  Sessions begin Nov 1- Dec 3.

9am Learn to Lift9am Learn to Lift9am Learn to Lift9am Learn to Lift9am Learn to Lift
12pm Cardio Barre12pm Bodyweight Barre
2pm Learn to Lift5pm Yoga Flow2pm Learn to Lift

Fitness classes are located in the studio.

Learn to Lift is located in The Zone.

Learn to Lift: 

New to the gym? Not sure where to start? Our certified personal trainers will take you through the basic movements inside The Zone focusing on good technique and form.

Cardio Barre: 

This class blends dance and fitness, with non-stop cardio followed by barre strength training and flexibility.

Bodyweight Barre: 

No equipment needed.  This total body workout targets and isolates your muscles.

Yoga Flow: 

Enjoy all the physical and mental benefits of this flow.  Move through a variety of styles and poses to experience a class that works for you.