Pool rental and rates

The pool is available for exclusive rentals and private bookings. The entire 50m pool, or portions of the pool, are available for rental during the day, before and after regular operating hours, evenings, and weekends.

Frequent private users include: schools, colleges, corporations, churches, community groups, and individual parties.

The facility set-up can be customized to suit the individual or group’s needs. It is equipped with a hydraulic floor which raises or lowers the depth in the shallow end from 0 to 1.22 m (4 feet) and depths in-between—perfect for weaker swimmers, pre-schoolers and those who just wish to use shallower water. Pool toys and some lifejackets are supplied.

Deep water for strong swimmers and an array of diving equipment, including 1-metre springboards and 5-metre platform, are available. The Tarzan rope is one of the highlight features of the deep end.

Water temperature is a pleasant 28° C (82° F). The hot tub, also situated on the pool deck, can be made available as an extra service to complement guest amenities.

With an available capacity of over 500 swimmers, our guests’ safety and comfort are carefully monitored by our team of highly certified and experienced lifeguards and instructors.

The Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre offers space for fitness swims (lengths), fun and leisure swims, and organized lessons taught by our certified instructors.

Family change room, men’s and women’s showers, saunas, and lockers are located adjacent to the pool.

For further information and questions please contact Nathan Murray at namurray@brocku.ca or phone x3928.

2023-2024 Pool rental rates

Pool areaHourly rate
50m full pool$230
25m shallow$94
25m deep$103
25m shallow (set up)$108
25m deep (set up)$136
15m hydraulic$94
25m lane$18
50m lane$30
Full day rental$2010

All prices subject to HST. Lifeguard staff wages are not included in the above fees.

  • Internal university events are governed by directives from the University Administration; i.e. Student union activities, Registrar’s activities, etc.
  • Any or all of the above rates may be modified to suit a particular promotional activity or special group. All activities requiring additional supervision or set-up and cleaning will be charged.
  • Special set-ups for activities requiring labour or supervision provided by departments other than Brock Recreation will incur additional charges.