Squash rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

Competitors will play “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and winner will serve first to begin the game.

The ball can hit any number of walls (i.e. sidewall, back wall ) but must eventually hit the front wall before bouncing on the floor. A rally (the exchange of shots ) ends when one of the following occurs and results in a point:

  • The ball bounces twice
  • The ball hits the tin
  • The ball is hit outside the out lines
  • Interference resulting in a stroke, i.e. point to the obstructed player

The serve is done by having at least one foot in the service box, then hitting the ball to the front wall, above the service line and having it bounce in the opposite quarter-court. The receiver can stand anywhere as long as they do not interfere with the server. Only one serve is allowed.

After hitting the front wall first, the ball may hit any other number of walls before landing in the opponent’s quarter court. However, a serve is illegal if it hits any sidewall before hitting the front wall.

The red lines mark the out of bounds of the court. So all shots must be below the lines. If the ball touches the line it is considered out.

Scoring is an 11 point system. You can only score on your serve. Games must be won by two points. The overall game is best of 5 (first person to win three games).

Interference – If you feel a player interferes or impedes your ability to get to the ball, it will result in a re-serve. No points will be gained.