Tchoukball rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

General Rules

  1. Games will consist of 6 players. There are no goalies in Tchoukball, for co-ed at least 2 players MUST be female.
  2. The game will start with a jump ball at centre court.
  3. Games will consist of two 20 minute halves, with a short half time.
  4. There are no time outs permitted, exclusion: personal injury or playoffs.
  5. A goal is scored once the ball has bounced off of the rebounder (net) and lands on the ground outside of the crease.
  6. Substitutions can be made on the fly at the teams bench and are unlimited.

Ball Handling

  1. Players are allowed to move with the ball for a maximum of 3 steps and then must pass to another teammate or attempt a shot on goal. (a step is considered when a player lifts any foot off of the ground and places it back down, even if it is in the same spot) .
  2. Players are only allowed to hold the ball for 5 seconds without moving when closely guarded by a defender (defender must be counting).
  3. Players may use their hands (open or closed) to catch, push or hit the ball. Use of the chest, head and knees are also permitted. However use of leg below the knee is not permitted.
  4. Players can throw the ball at one rebounder a maximum of 3 times. After the third time, the ball must be thrown at the opposite rebounder.
  5. A player may not touch the ball more than once (not allowed to pass to one’s self) unless the ball is defected or hit from the hands of the defender from the opposing team.
  6. If a player misthrows the ball the first player to get to the ball get possession, unless the ball goes out, in that case the ball goes to the other team.

Out of bounds

  1. The boundary is the outside of the basketball court.
  2. Once the ball goes over the sidelines it is out of bounds and is awarded to the opposing team at the location that it went out.
  3. The ball must be passed twice before a shot on goal can be attempted. (no direct shots from out of bounds).
  4. All defenders must be at least 3 feet back of the player who is throwing the ball back into play.
  5. You must complete 2 passes before attempting to score a point.


  1. No one is allowed in the crease (offense or defense)
  2. The crease is the extended basketball key on the sides and the free throw line along the top OR the crease is marked by disc cones.
  3. All shots must be attempted from outside the crease (goals scored while any body part is within the crease will not count). You are allowed to attempt a shot from outside of the crease and then land inside the crease.


  1. In order to score a point the ball must be thrown from outside of the crease, bounce off of the frame and land on the ground outside of the crease.
  2. Points can be scored on either frame.
  3. If the ball is bounced off of the frame and then caught by the opposing team, no point is scored and the opposing team can attack immediately.
  4. After a point is scored the opposing team get possession of the ball beside the frame outside of the crease.
  5. Players cannot attempt to interfere with the attacking player or with the non-attacking team when trying to catch the ball.


  1. Substitutions can be made at any point however; the player being subbed out of play must be off of the court before the other player may do so.
  2. If there are too many players on the court, the other team will receive possession of the ball, and any goal scored during that time will not count.


Two minute penalties will be given for roughing, tripping, or anything deemed unsportsmanlike by the officials. If fighting occurs, either a 5 minute penalty or ejection from the game with disciplinary meeting with the Intramural Coordinator will occur (and will be decided by the official).

Default score is 2 – 0.