Floorball rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.


The game will start with a centralized face off, where the ball must be directed backwards. After this, any stoppage in play will result in a hit-in or free-hit by the team which is awarded the ball.

Game lengths

The games will be 2 halves in length, at the time that is determined by the league.


  • Equipment – Goalies are not permitted sticks, blockers or gloves. Helmets are mandatory. The ball must be blocked with hands or body. (Knee pads can be worn but must be provided by team.)
  • Throw-out – Goalies are allowed to throw the ball out to players, permitted that the ball lands before the centre line.
  • No pass-backs – Defensemen are not permitted to pass the ball back to goalies if they are being fore-checked.
  • Goalie crease – This area belongs to the goalie; no player from either team is allowed to be in this area.


  • No stick checks – Sticks can only be used to play the ball; hacking and slashing are not permitted and will result in free hit for other team or penalty depending on severity.
  • No stick lift – You may not use your stick in order to lift opponents stick to play the ball. The stick may only be used to play the ball cleanly off opponents stick. Infraction will result in a free hit.
  • No hands – You may not use hands to control the ball while in the air. If the ball is below your knee then you can use the stick, if it is above it must be allowed to go by.
  • Only feet may touch ground – Must be on feet at all times, players are not allowed to use knees in order to block shots. Also jumping to play the ball is not allowed.
  • No sticks between feet – Gives the offensive player freedom of movement and does not allow the defensive player to hit the offensive player’s stick.
  • No slap shots – Only wrist shots are allowed, stick must not pass the height of the knee in either direction when attempting a shot.
  • No high stick – Regardless if you are using your stick, knee or foot, the ball can only be played below the height of the knee.
  • No kick pass – Players are not allowed to use their feet to pass the ball to another teammate. Players may use their foot to pass the ball to their own stick but this may only occur once, unless dribbling is interrupted by defensive player.


Length – Penalties are given out at the discretion of the officials based on the severity of any particular infraction. Penalties ranges from a free hit for the other team or may be timed periods of disadvantage to penalized team ranging from 2 to 5 minutes depending on the nature of the penalty.

Penalties may be given out for a variety of reasons including:

  • Stick checking
  • Body checking
  • High sticking
  • Slashing
  • Tripping