Ball hockey rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

All standard hockey rules and regulations will be followed, with the following changes. All players are responsible for providing their own gloves and stick (limited equipment at the CAGE. Gloves do not need to be hockey gloves).

General Rules

  1. All hockey stick blades must be covered with a sock. (NO EXCEPTIONS!!!)
  2. Game surface and player limitations.
    1. 5 players aside, 1 goalkeeper and 4 players. Minimum 2 of each gender on at a time for coed.
    2. There must be at least 4 players present or team will be charged with a default and will lose 1/2 of its bond. Two defaults and the team is out of the league.
    3. Game surface will be that of the gym, except where equipment comes into play.
    4. Any time the ball leaves the playing surface, possession shall be given to the opposing team. At the point of exit, the team that acquires possession must pass the ball in. (No goal shall be scored by passing the ball in).
    5. No offensive players are allowed in the crease, crease will be marked (2 min. penalty).
    6. Goalkeepers may not throw the ball forward, this will result in a 2-minute penalty.
    7. Sticks must remain below the waist at all times. Failure to do so will result in a 2-minute penalty, any (2) high sticking penalties will result in expulsion from that game.
    8. There will be no offside.
  3. Game length: will be determined by number of teams.
  4. Equipment: ALL GOALIES must wear face protection. Plastic shin pads must be covered if worn.
  5. All penalties will be 2 minutes long, except fighting and body contact.
  6. There will be no body contact allowed, or a 5-minute penalty will be given. Any two (2) 5-minute penalties will lead to expulsion from that game and the next.
  7. Any player receiving 3 penalties or 2 stick penalties will be out for the rest of that game.
  8. When coincidental penalties are called, the teams will play 3 vs. 3. If a second set of coincidental penalties are called (while teams are short-handed), teams will still play 3 on 3. If a second penalty is called that is not coincidental, the second penalty will not start until the first penalty is over.
  9. The goalie may not cover the ball behind the goal line (delay of game penalty).
  10. After the goalie covers the ball, a player must pass it in…to another player, not the goalie.
  11. Only the captain or assistant captain may address an official. When addressing an official, the captain is expected to be courteous. The penalty for any other player addressing an official, or directing remarks at him, will be two (2) minutes.
  12. No player may slide during the game except for the goalie.
  13. Overtime during playoffs will occur as follows:
    1. A five minute sudden death period
    2. A 3 player penalty shoot-out
  14. ALL referees’ decisions are final.

Default score is 4-0.