Summer Camps

Every week at Brock Summer Camp includes exciting discovery sessions, adventurous recreation, and full camp activities. Our camps are for kids finishing grades 1 to 11. At Brock University camps kids will participate in daily recreation and campus wide activities lead by university student mentors.

Camps include: Youth University, Sports & Aquatics & Fitness, and Badgers Sport Camps.

Summer Camp Caregiver Handbook 2024

2024 Camp Registration opens on March 1st at 12pm

2024 Summer Camps Guide

Discover thrilling adventures, lifelong friendships, and unforgettable memories in our 2024 Summer Camps Guide. Download now!

2024 Summer Camp Schedule

Youth University

TechnologyRobotics and EngineeringThe ArtsYU AdventuresScienceTeens
July 2 to 5 (Short Week)Film Making Robotics: Simple Machines and Jr. RoboticsCreative StageOutdoor PursuitsEarth Day Every Day
July 8 to July 12Game Design Robotics: Battle Bots and Jr. RoboticsLife Hack ArtJurassic Amazing RaceMini Med
July 15 to July 19Intro to TechnologyEngineering and CircuitryCanvas & Clay Adventure ClimbingSpy ScienceLeaders in Training
July 22 to July 26Film Making Robotics: Simple Machines and Jr. RoboticsCreative StageOutdoor PursuitsEarth Day Every DayLeaders in Training
July 29 to August 2Game Design Robotics: Battle Bots and Jr. RoboticsLife Hack ArtJurassic Amazing RaceMini Med
August 6 to 9 (Short Week)Game Design Engineering and CircuitryCanvas & ClayOutdoor PursuitsSpy Science
August 12 to 16Intro to TechnologyRobotics: Simple Machines and Jr. RoboticsCreative StageAdventure ClimbingEarth Day Every Day
August 19 to 23Film MakingRobotics: Battle Bots and Jr. RoboticsLife Hack ArtJurassic Amazing RaceMini MedLeaders in Training
August 26 to 30Game DesignEngineering and CircuitryCanvas & ClayOutdoor PursuitsSpy ScienceLeaders in Training

Battle Bots

For youth finished grades 4 to 8

A YU favourite returns! Use virtual LEGO software to create a robot and then take initiative in building it. Your camper will push their design to its limits in the week’s ultimate battle of the bots. Compete to have the fastest, most agile or perhaps the most clever bot!

Robotics: Simple Machines

For youth finished grades 4 to 8

Design a robot with moving parts that can perform tasks such as lifting, grabbing, or launching. Campers predict outcomes, run trials, record results, and explore the basic mechanical principles of gears, levers, pulleys, wheels, and axles.

Junior Robotics

For youth finished grades 2 & 3

Here it is folks! Your budding engineer or software architect is invited to work with us to build cool robots and simple machines. Using Lego WeDo 2.0 kits, campers will learn how gears, belts, motors, and computers bring robots to life.

Engineering Circuitry

For youth finished grades 2 to 8

Your camper will design and build their own structures! Using snap circuits, they’ll also get to build and code circuits to make the light shine, the fan spin or the buzzer make noise.  Campers will use their creativity as they experience hands-on learning with our modular electronic bit engineering sets.

Intro to Technology

For youth finished grades 2 to 5

Dive into the world of all things technology. Your camper will explore a variety of different types of technology ranging from coding to designing 3D objects. We’ll provide basic introductions and let your camper interact with software such as Tynker, TinkerCAD and Construct 3.

Game Design

For youth finished grades 4 to 8

Game designers are the storytellers of our time! We offer an introduction for new game designers and advanced skills for pros. Your camper will explore and learn the principles of game design through hands-on learning exercises and instructor-led workshops using the game software Construct.

Film Making

For youth finished grades 4 to 8

Combine storytelling, technology, and artistic expression in this creative week of film production. Exciting daily challenges will help your camper learn about a variety of film and video editing techniques. Explore how to capture movement, and the impact of lighting. Experience a variety of film techniques such as animation, stop motion, Claymation and special effects. Expect to work collaboratively with a small group.

Earth Day Every Day (NEW)

For youth finished grades 2 to 8

Calling all junior ecologists! Your camper will connect with nature in meaningful ways, while they build the skills and confidence required to make a real difference. Throughout the week, they’ll learn about reusing common materials to make new things, build a working wind turbine and help beautify our world by creating wildflower seed balls. They’ll learn about the importance of conservation and how our choices can have both immediate and long-term impacts.

Spy Science

For youth finished grades 3 to 6

Learn the science behind being a secret spy. Throughout the week, your camper will explore techniques behind fingerprinting, make their own invisible ink, learn how to decode text using their own decoders, and engineer their own tools to help retrieve objects. They’ll put theirspy skills to use in the end-of-week secret mission!


For youth finished grades 4 to 8

Experience the fascinating world of health and medical science, while exploring the wonders of the human body and modern science. Your camper will identify symptoms, read x-rays, observe vital signs, discuss nutrition, evaluate sport performance, and look at a virus through a microscope. They’ll build medical models and participate in team building, communication and leadership.

Life Hack Art

For youth finished Grades 2 to 8

Does your camper like to take ordinary things and make them into something creative? Your camper will create their favourite items using everyday materials from simple to advanced projects. They’ll make soap, buttons, glitter jars, tote bags, wallets and more. 

Canvas & Clay

For youth finished Grades 2 to 8

Let your camper explore their artistic side! Through sketching, painting, sculpting and pottery, they’ll be able to find their artistic calling and see how their muse speaks to them as they make one-of-a-kind creations. After all, they could be the next Picasso or Georgia O’Keeffe. This camp will help them find out where they shine in the world of art. 

Creative Stage

For youth finished Grades 2 to 8

Get behind the scenes and have your camper join us for a variety of backstage and centre stage activities that bring theatrical productions to life. They will work on acting, movement,stage craft andvoice techniques as they take part in theatre and improv activities.They’ll create their own show, inspiredby story books, fairy tales, games or their ownimagination.

Outdoor Pursuits

For youth finished Grades 2 to 8

Looking for a great outdoor adventure? Your camper will learn skills such as communication, team building, problem solving, and eco-awareness while exploring Brock’s unique eco-system along the Niagara Escarpment. They’ll also build shelters and learn about geocaching and environmental stewardship principles such as “leave no trace. 

Adventure Climbing

For youth finished Grades 4 to 8

Immerse yourself in all things climbing! Youth University is home to a 10-route outdoor rock-climbing wall. We invite your camper to conquer it. Whether they’ve never climbed before and want to learn some basic techniques, or they want to push themselves to get further into the sport, Adventure Climbing is right for your camper. They’ll learn sport climbing techniques, how to tie climbing knots, warm up, and injury prevention. You will also spend time slack lining and developing teamwork skills on our low ropes course and 30-ft high rope challenge course. 

Youth U Amazing Race

For youth finished grades 2 to 8

This Jurassic themed amazing race will take your camper across campus to complete various tasks, solve clues and work as a team. The fun plot twist will involve activities of learning about the Jurassic period including digging for clues, making their own fossils and excavating a virtual dig site.

Leaders in Training

For youth finished Grades 8 to 11

Everyone has the skills to serve as a role model, take this opportunity to start your journey to leadership success. Discover the principles of program design as well as individual and group development, while exploring your own personal leadership style and values.

As a Leader in Training you will:
• tap into your personal leadership skills
• develop effective interpersonal communication skills
• gain the confidence to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals
• work alongside a YU mentor in creating exciting adventures for youth
• receive a certificate for 30 hours of volunteer service.

Aquatics Camps & Sports School

Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi SportFitness
July 2 to 5 (Short Week)Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi Sport
July 8 to July 12Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi SportLego Challenges & Fitness Games: Things that Move
July 15 to July 19Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi SportFitness: Magical World of Castles & Pokemon
July 22 to July 26Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi Sport
July 29 - August 2Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi Sport
August 6 to 9 (Short Week)Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi Sport
August 12 to 16Sports SchoolJunior Lifeguard ClubSport FUNdamentalsAquatic Multi SportMagical World of Wings & Dragons
August 19 to 23Sports SchoolPool ClosurePool ClosurePool ClosureLego Challenges & Fitness Games: Creative Worlds
August 26 to 30Sports SchoolPool ClosurePool ClosurePool ClosureMission Impossible Fitness Academy


For youth finished Grades 1 to 8

Sports school aims to expose youth to a variety of new and familiar sports to build lifelong sport participation skills. From traditional sports such as baseball and volleyball to new activities such as tchoukball and kinball, we will develop skills and have fun in a safe environment. Utilizing our unique facilities here at Brock U campers will also have opportunities for indoor rowing and fencing! Sports School is a week packed with active, fair play and new experiences.

Junior Lifeguard Club

For youth finished Grades 3 to 8

The JLC stresses fun and aquatic skill development based on personal best achievement. Building on skills they already have, JLC members work to develop and improve swimming and other aquatic skills with emphasis on: swim and lifesaving knowledge, leadership and teamwork, community education, competition and personal fitness. The Junior Lifeguard Club is water-based – most of the activities happen in the water. These activities may be supplemented with dry-land fun or community education projects, displays and demonstrations. 

Pre-requisite Swimmer 3 or equivalent. Completed Canadian Swim to Survive Standard which is Roll into deep water, Tread water for one minute, Swim 50 metres.

Aquatic Multi Sport

For youth finished Grades 1 to 8

Aqua Sport provides an opportunity for campers to try out various water sports in a fair and safe aquatic environment. Activities include water polo, synchronized swimming, springboard diving, lifeguard skills and more. Aqua sport emphasizes fitness, skill development, fair play and cooperation. 

Pre-requisite Swimmer 3 or equivalent. Completed Canadian Swim to Survive Standard which is Roll into deep water, Tread water for one minute, Swim 50 metres. 

Aquatic Sport FUNdamentals

For youth finished Grades 1 to 8

Lifesaving Sport Fundamentals offers participants a recreational introduction to lifesaving sport skills. The program also teaches team building, fair play, ethics in sport and responsibility. Lifesaving sport competition opportunities are available through TeleGames, as well as regional and provincial lifesaving sport events. 

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 3 or equivalent. Completed Canadian Swim to Survive Standard which is Roll into deep water, Tread water for one minute, Swim 50 metres. 

Lego Challenges & Fitness Games: Things that Move (NEW)

For youth finished Grades 2 to 5

Campers will put their creativity to the test with these fun, Things That Move: Lego challenges.  Campers will then take some of these challenges and turn them into life-sized fitness games. This camp is a great fusion of get-moving games and imagination. 

Fitness: Magical World of Castles & Pokemon (NEW)

For youth finished Grades 2 to 5

Get moving in unconventional and creative ways. Campers will dive into magical Hogwarts themed games, challenges & experiences. Then travel to Alola for mystical fitness challenges and throwing games to catch all the Pokemon.

Magical World of Wings & Dragons (NEW)

For youth finished Grades 2 to 5

Get moving with mystical and imagination challenges. Embrace the world of Wings, Fantasy and Dragon themed games.

Lego Challenges & Fitness Games: Creative Worlds (NEW)

For youth finished Grades 2 to 5

Campers will embark on a creative journey with, Creative Worlds: Lego Challenges.  Campers will then dive into these worlds with imagination & fitness games.  What world will your camper create? 

Mission Impossible Fitness Academy (NEW)

For youth finished Grades 2 to 5

Immerse yourself in the stealth and sneak world; complete the challenges, but don’t get caught. At this fitness camp, spies in training will complete covert challenges and engage in agility training to improve their spy skills.

Badgers Sport Camps

July 2 to 5 (Short Week)Basketball Shooting CampVolleyballFencingRowingSoccerTrack
July 8 to July 12Basketball Shooting CampVolleyballFencingRowingSoccerTrack
July 15 to July 19Basketball Skill DevelopmentFencingRowingSoccer
July 22 to July 26Basketball Skill DevelopmentFencingRowing
July 29 to August 2Basketball 3 on 3 CampSoccer
August 6 to 9 (Short Week)Basketball 3 on 3 Camp
August 12 to 16Basketball Guard CampCheerDance
August 19 to 23CheerDanceParasports
August 26 to 30

Basketball Shooting Camp

July 2-5 (Short week): For youth finished Gr 1-4
July 8-12: For youth finished Gr 5-8

A fun-filled week introducing and reinforcing shooting fundamentals and mechanics. From stationary shooting, shooting on the move and off the dribble, to team shooting competitions this camp will be action packed. This camp welcomes players from all levels to come improve their shooting ability in a friendly environment. Alongside our knowledgeable professional staff and our student athletes come take your shooting to the next level.

Basketball Skill Development Camp

July 15-19: For youth finished Gr 1-4
July 22-26: For youth finished Gr 5-8

This action-packed experience will provide fundamental instruction with basketball specific drills, daily competition, and 5on5 full court games. This camp teaches the game we love in a team environment that builds friendship and basketball abilities such as dribbling, passing and shooting. You will also be inspired by the Brock coaches and your favourite Badgers.

Basketball 3on3 Camp

July 29-August 2: For youth finished Gr 1-4
August 6-9 (Short week): For youth finished Gr 5-8

Join our Brock Badger athletes and coaches for a week of 3on3 action packed action. For players of all skill and levels come develop basketball knowledge and skill through 3on3 basketball concepts. From shooting, passing, spacing and dribbling, 3on3 is a fun way to learn and develop fundamental basketball skill that will help elevate your game.

Basketball Guard Camp

August 12-16: For youth finished Gr 5-8

Guard camp is built and designed around improving the guard skills in all basketball players. Through emphasis of dribbling, shooting, passing, guard footwork and defensive principles, this camp helps players of all position the skills needed to enhance their game. Our great staff of our Badger coaches and players will share all their knowledge in a great learning environment.


July 2-5 (Short week): For youth finished Gr 5-7
July 8-12: For youth finished Gr 8-10

The Brock Badgers volleyball camp focuses on all aspects of the game, including serving, attacking, setting, and defense! Included with variations of games and activities, the camp is geared towards those who have minimal to limited volleyball experience (school volleyball would fall in this category). Campers who participate in this camp will finish the week with a basic understanding of all essential skills as well as the flow of the game overall. This is a perfect opportunity to work on skills preparing for the school season and those interested in playing travel down the road. Staff for the camp includes coaches and athletes from the Brock Varsity Women’s and Men’s volleyball teams.

Fencing (Half Days)

Juniors finished grades 1 to 4 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Seniors finished grades 5 to 11 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

As a combat sport, fencing calls on agility, reflexes, tactical smarts, discipline, and hand-eye coordination. This graceful sport combines strength, patience, peace of mind, and speed as it improves coordination and posture while providing aerobic exercise and strength training.

Rowing – Indoors (Half Days)

Seniors finished grades 5 to 11 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Juniors finished grades 1 to 4 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Brock Rowing summer camp will provide campers with the opportunity to try a new sport in a fun and hands-on environment.

Campers will get to learn the basics of rowing at the Leo LeBlanc Rowing Centre, where they will have access to the exciting features the centre has to offer. Campers will learn how to scull and sweep in the rowing tank, as well as practice their skills and gain fitness on the ergs and sliding ergs. This camp is designed for novices and no experience is necessary.


For youth finished SK to grade 8.

Cheerleading includes stunts, pyramids, dance, tumbling, jumps, and of course cheer! Come join our popular Cheerleading camp at Brock University lead by the World Champion Brock Cheer team. No previous experience is necessary. Our cheerleading camp is designed to build confidence, learn teamwork, build trust, develop skills, and celebrate success. Campers will also have the chance to swim at Brock’s pool!


For youth finished Grade 2 – 6.

School’s out, dance camp is IN! Pack your dance shoes, bring all your energy, and join the Brock Badgers Dance Pak for a week-long camp on the dance floor! Experience different dance styles taught by the diverse talent of the Dance Pak! Tap into your inner artist daily by learning new dance combinations, doing arts and crafts, swimming, and experimenting in the great outdoors! 


For youth finished Grade 1 – 5

The Brock Badgers soccer camp focuses on all aspects of the game, dribbling, passing, shooting, and defense! Included with variations of games and activities, the camp is geared towards those who have minimal to limited soccer experience (school soccer would fall in this category). Campers who participate in this camp will finish the week with a basic understanding of all essential skills as well as the flow of the game overall. Staff for the camp includes coaches and athletes from the Women’s and Men’s soccer teams.

Track (NEW)

July 2-5 (short week) – For youth finished Grade 2-5
July 8-12 – For youth finished Grade 6-9

This summer the Brock Badgers Track and Field team will be running a camp for the youth around the Niagara regions. Athletes will be able to learn basic track and field events throughout the week with varsity coaching from the school. These training sessions will be two, two-hour sessions each day to advance their track and field skills. At the end of the week athletes will show of their skills they’ve learned in a small meet within the camp. During the week athletes will participate in a number of other activities including swimming held at the pool on the Brock University Campus. 

Parasports (NEW)

August 19-23 – For youth finished Grade 3-8

Join the Brock Niagara Penguins ParaSport camp being held for the first time at Brock University! This active indoor and outdoor camp is designed for youth finished Grade 2 through Grade 8 who have a physical disability. Campers will experience a variety of para-sports, including sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, indoor curling, archery, team building activities and much more! The staff ratio is 1:4. Please contact prior to registering for the camp. Should your camper require personal care, we would be pleased to have a care-giver attend camp with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Get ready for the excitement! Registration for our 2024 Camps opens on Friday, March 1, at 12:00 p.m. (noon).

*Tips for Registration*

  • Sign Up for an account or Log In to Brocks online registration site here
  • Once you have created an account, you can add your camper under the “Add a Family Member” in your account section.
  • Once you have created an account, you can search for your activity of interest. Key words to search are “Youth” or “Camp”
  • If you are interested in an activity that has an upcoming registration date, or want to save an activity to look at later, you can add it to your “Wish List” by clicking on the heart located on the bottom right of the activity description.


Wondering about the costs? Fees for our Brock Camps are tailored to provide options for everyone.

Youth University, Sports School, Aquatic, and Fitness Camps:

  • $275 per week (5-day camp)
  • $220 per week (4-day camp during holiday weeks)

Brock Sport Camps:

  • $315 per week (5-day camp)
  • $252 per week (4-day camp during holiday weeks)

Half-day Camps:

  • $158 per week (5 days)
  • $126 per week (4 days)

Parasport Camp:

  • $300 per week.

Extended Care:

  • $50 per week (5-day camp)
  • $40 per week (4-day camp during holiday weeks)


 Youth University: Age requirements vary by specific Youth University program.

  • Program ages range from youth finished Grades 2 to 11.
  • Check the “Youth University” section here to determine which program suits your child.

Sports School: Youth finished Grades 1 to 8.

Aquatics: Youth finished Grades 1 to 8.

Fitness: Youth finished Grades 1 to 5.

Junior Lifeguard Club: Youth finished Grades 3 to 8.

Brock Sports Camp: Age requirements vary by specific sport program.

  • Sport program ages range from youth finished SK to Grade 12.
  • Check the “Badgers Sports Camp” section here to determine which sport program suits your child.

 Parasport: Youth finished Grade 3 to 8.

Camp Hours:

  • Campers will embark on a full-day adventure from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with drop-off starting at 8:30 a.m. and pickups available until 4:30 p.m. at no extra cost.
  • We also provide extended care which runs from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The extended care fee is $50/week or $40/week on 4-day camps.

Pick-up and Drop-off Location:

Families, it’s easy to find your way to the fun at Brock Summer Camps!

  • Main Campus Camps (Sports School/Aquatics/Fitness/Badger Camps & Youth University Camps):
    • All the excitement starts at Ian Beddis Gymnasium! When you arrive from Sir Isaac Brock Way, just follow the Camps signs leading you to Parking Lot B. This lot is right across from the Walker Complex and Ian Beddis Gymnasiums where your camps kick off every morning and afternoon.
  • Off Campus Camps:
    • For certain sport camps, the adventure starts at Canada Games Park (CGP), located on the Brock campus at the corner of Merrittville Hwy and Sir Isaac Brock Way. It’s right across from the Niagara Region building. (Address2021 Canada Games Wy, Thorold, ON L2V 4Y6)

Don’t worry; you’ll get all the details about your camp’s location ahead of your exciting camp week.

and Out Procedures:

For a smooth camp experience, follow our sign-in and out guidelines:

  • Sign your camper in and out every morning and afternoon with their group leader.
  • We can only take responsibility for your camper once they’re properly signed in.
  • At the end of the day, your camper will only be released to authorized individuals registered during sign-up. Photo identification is required.
  • Need to add someone to your pick-up list? Inform our camp staff, and we’ll make sure everything is in order.


Swimming at Brock’s pool is a highlight!

  • Some campers enjoy 2-3 swim sessions weekly, monitored by certified lifeguards and our dedicated instructors.
  • For safety, campers under 10 need a lifeguard-administered swim test to explore deeper waters. Those 10 and above, or who pass the test, can enjoy all areas, including diving boards and the Tarzan rope, with towels provided.
  • Youth University Camps dive in twice a week, while Sports School Campers make a splash three times.
  • Non-swimmers? No problem! Alternative activities are ready.
  • Aquatic campers, equipped with two bathing suits, frequently enjoy pool time. Other camps will confirm their swimming plans closer to the camp starting date.

Rock Climbing and Challenge Course:

Climbing excitement awaits Youth University and Sports School campers!

  • Once a week, they’ll tackle our Outdoor Rock Climbing Tower and Challenge Course, guided by trained facilitators.
  • We believe in encouraging campers to push boundaries without overshadowing the learning experience with fear.
  • Our goal is for each camperto find a challenge that suits them best.
  • Please note: Aquatic camps, fitness camps, and Brock Badgers camps won’t feature climbing activities.


  • Campers at Brock absolutely love their time in our air-conditioned gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, and laboratories.
  • Beyond indoor spaces, our expansive 500-acre site is surrounded by a beautiful hardwood forest, hiking trails, a campfire area, a high ropes and challenge course, and open fields for loads of fun activities and recreation.

Camper Conduct:

  • At Brock, we foster a community where everyone belongs and enjoys an enriching experience.
  • Campers are expected to show respect for the dignity and rights of others, and inappropriate behavior such as bullying, teasing, harassment, aggression, pranks, or disrespect is not tolerated.
  • Camp management reserves the right to recommend a 1:1 instructor or remove campers if behavior exceeds reasonable levels of supervision.

1:1 Support:

  • Every child is unique. Families can arrange for an Independent Support Worker to accompany their child at their own expense, ensuring a tailored and supportive camp experience.
  • For more information: please call Youth University: 905-688-5550 x3120 or email

Contacting Caregivers:

  • Rest assured! We’ll keep you in the loop about your camper’s adventures and achievements.
  • Expect regular updates and feel free to reach out to our Youth University team for any concerns.

Accidents or Emergencies:

Your child’s safety is our priority. In the rare case of an emergency or accident:

  • You will be promptly notified after emergency personnel are contacted.
  • All our camp staff are certified in First Aid and CPR, with thorough training in emergency procedures at all locations.
  • Ensure your emergency contact information is up-to-date for quick communication.


Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Brock University Camps. We are committed to:

  • Equal Opportunities for All: Every camper gets a fair chance to shine, explore, and enjoy exciting opportunities tailored just for them.
  • Safety First: We’re all about making our camp a safe and comfortable environment where everyone feels secure and can freely be themselves.
  • Open Communication: Camp is a place where talking and sharing ideas is super important. Are staff are dedicated to making sure everyone’s voice is heard and valued.
  • Camp Community: Our camp is more than just a place; it’s one big community. We actively work to make sure everyone feels safe, happy, and part of the adventure.

Gender Expression:

Our commitment to fostering an inclusive camp community extends to understanding and respecting various expressions of gender. Here’s how we ensure an affirming and welcoming environment:

  • Diverse Gender Expressions: We recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of each camper’s gender expression. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels acknowledged, respected, and supported in expressing their authentic selves. Inclusive
  • Change rooms and Washrooms: Campers using gender-neutral spaces are welcomed at Brock, where we provide a universal washroom. During swim activities, a family change room with individual stalls ensures a comfortable and inclusive experience for everyone.

Our Dedicated Team:

Your child’s well-being is our priority at Brock Summer Camps! Rest assured, your child is in good hands with our team:

  • Led by enthusiastic Brock University students chosen for their passion, dedication, and expertise.
  • All camp staff undergo reference and police checks, possess first aid certification, and undergo extensive pre-program training, continuous education, and evaluation.
  • Supervised by full-time professionals in education, youth development, recreation, and coaching.

Heading to camp fully prepared ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for your camper!

Camper Checklist:

  1. Camp Shirt: A cool camp shirt is provided with registration for on-campus camps. It’s a must-wear each day, helping us identify your child as part of the camper crew.
  2. Nutritious Lunch and Snacks: Pack a delicious, nut-free lunch and snacks to keep your camper energized throughout the day. (We will not be offering a hot lunch program for 2024).
  3. Closed-Toe Athletic Shoes: For indoor activities, ensure your camper sports closed-toe athletic shoes.
  4. Refillable Water Bottle, Hat, Sunscreen: Hydration and sun protection are key. Send along a refillable water bottle, a hat, and sunscreen.
  5. Bathing Suit: Main campus camps include swimming, except from Aug 19 – 30. Campers in aquatics camps should pack two bathing suits each day. A clean towel is provided daily for swimmers; bring a plastic bag for the wet suit.

Please Avoid Brining:

To ensure a focused and safe environment, please refrain from bringing the following items:

  • Electronics
  • Valuables (like jewelry)
  • Money (campers can’t use vending machines or buy food/snacks)
  • Medication (unless previously arranged with Camp Coordinators)
  • Nut products
*Camp Shirt Reminder*
  • The camp shirt included with registration is more than just a shirt—it’s a badge of camper honour! Make sure your child wears it each day to help us and everyone on campus recognize them as part of the camp community.

Brock Summer Camps are proud to partner with the Niagara Region for families that require subsidy. Please reach out to your caseworker at Niagara Region for information on how to register for our camps if you are in need of subsidy.

Cancellation Policy:

We know life is full of surprises, and we’re here to help make things easy for our camp families!

  • If you need to cancel before June 1, we’ll happily refund your camp fees, deducting a small $20 administration fee.
  • As we get closer to the camp excitement, between June 1 and two weeks before the start, the administration fee becomes $50.
  • Unfortunately, within two weeks of the camp start date, camp fees become non-refundable. We appreciate your understanding as we prepare for a summer of fun!

Absent Camp Days:

  • If your camper will be absent, please notify the Walker Sports Complex Welcome desk at 905-688-5550 ext. 4060.
  • Refunds will not be issued for day(s) missed during registered camp weeks.
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