Summer camps

Every week at Youth University includes exciting discovery sessions, adventurous recreation, and full camp activities. Our camps are for kids finishing grades 2-8.

$210 per week ($10 per week discount when registering multiple campers or weeks)

2019 Summer Camp Schedule

RoboticsTechnologyScienceArtsAdventuresSpecialtyLeaders in Training
Finished Gr. 4 to 8Finished Gr. 4 to 8Finished Gr. 4 to 8Finished Gr. 2 to 8Finished Gr. 2 to 6Finished Gr. 8 to 11
July 2 - 5Robotics: Battle BotsCodingMini-MedPerforming ArtsOutdoor Survivors
July 8 - 12Robotics: Simple MachinesVideographyMysteries of the Earth & UniverseDIY StudioPokemon YULIT - 1 of 2
July 15-19Robotics: VehiclesGame DesignEpic Engineers (gr. 2- 8)Canvas & ClayOutdoor SurvivorsLIT - 2 of 2
July 22-26Robotics: AnimalsCodingMini-MedComics & CartooningTime TravellersLIT - 1 of 2
July 29 - Aug. 2Robotics: Battle BotsVideographyEpic Engineers (gr. 2- 8)DIY StudioOutdoor SurvivorsLIT - 2 of 2
Aug. 6-9Robotics: Simple MachinesGame DesignMysteries of the Earth & UniversePerforming ArtsPokemon YUAdventure ClimbingLIT - 1 of 2
Aug. 12 - 16Robotics: VehiclesCodingMini-MedCanvas & ClayOutdoor SurvivorsFrench Canvas & ClayLIT - 2 of 2
Aug. 19 - 23Robotics: AnimalsGame DesignEpic Engineers (gr. 2-8)Comics & CartooningTime TravellersFrench Sports School

For youth finished grades 4 to 8

*Campers work collaboratively in small groups on their robotics projects. All sessions include instruction on building and computer programming concepts, while offering appropriate challenges for both beginners and those with advanced robotics experience.

Robotics: Battle Bots
July 2 – 5 ($170) & July 29 – Aug. 2 ($210)
A YU favourite! Use virtual LEGO software to create a robot and then take initiative in building it. Push your design to its limits in the week’s ultimate Battle of the Bots. Compete to
have the fastest, most agile or perhaps the most clever bot!

Robotics: Simple Machines
July 8 – 12 ($210) & Aug. 6 – 9 ($170)
Design a robot with moving parts that can perform tasks such as lifting, grabbing, or launching. Campers predict outcomes, run trials, record results, and explore the basic mechanical
principles of gears, levers, pulleys, wheels, and axles.

Robotics: Vehicles
July 15 – 19 & Aug. 12 – 16 ($210)
Ever wonder how to design an autonomous car that is safe for the road? Explore how to build and program vehicles with line detection, cruise control, object detection, or
how to cross an intersection safely. Then consider how you can unlock or start your car from the living room!

Robotics: Animals
July 22 – 26 & Aug. 19 – 23 ($210)
Investigate the diverse ways animals communicate and adapt to their environments by exploring the use of sensors. Program a robotic animal, insect, or reptile to show off
how it relates with the world including how some light up in the dark and how they respond to colour or touch.

For youth finished grades 4 to 8

July 2 – 5 ($170), July 22 – 26 & Aug. 12 – 16 ($210)
Dive into the world of coding. You will be surprised how much we depend on code every day. We invite you to learn basic coding skills with devices such as BB8, Sphero, Ollie, Dash
and Dot. As you get more comfortable with the technology you may advance to designing, building, and creating your own video game using programs such as Scratch and Tynker.

July 8 – 12 & July 29 – Aug. 2 ($210)
Unleash your inner Spielberg! Combine storytelling, technology, and artistic expression in this creative program. Exciting daily challenges will help campers learn about a variety of film and video editing techniques. We will explore how to capture movement, and the impact of lighting. Campers will be exposed to a variety of film techniques include animation, stop motion,
claymation or special effects, which extends to the art of video games with 3D models and landscapes. You can expect to work collaboratively with a small group.

Game Design
July 15 – 19, Aug. 6 – 9 & Aug. 19 – 23 ($210)
There is a lot that goes into the video games you love. Using specialized software, campers fast track the exciting video game design process and get straight to creating. As you
create your own game and storyline, you will learn how to control characters, objects, and outcomes. You will be able to increase the difficulty level and add more features. Game on!

For youth finished grades 2 to 8

Epic Engineers (Grades 2 to 6)
July 15 – 19, July 29 – Aug. 2 & Aug. 21 – 23 ($210)

Engineers solve problems with creativity! Join us as we design, create blueprints, build, test, and rebuild to solve everyday challenges with the next revolutionary idea. Explore and
learn the fundamentals of construction design or create your own city in our 3D software to bring your creation to life. You will build and test a bridge designed to hold weight.

Mysteries of the Earth & Universe (Grades 4 to 8)
July 8 – 12 ($210) & Aug. 6 – 9 ($170)
This Universe is full of mysteries and big questions. Did you know the Earth formed at the same time as the Solar System….13.8 BILLION years ago! We will spend this week
delving into the great questions of natural phenomena and outer space. Do you have burning questions you have yet to get a clear answer to? Like, how does gravity work?
What is a black hole? Is there life out there? Do other planets have volcanoes? What can fossils really tell us? The answers will delight and may even surprise you.

Mini-Med (Grades 4 to 8)
July 2 – 5 ($170), July 22 – 26 & Aug. 12 – 16 ($210)
Campers will have the chance to discover the fascinating world of health and medical science, as they explore the wonders of the human body and modern science.
We will investigate different systems and performance through sport and daily activities. Mini-med campers will have the chance to identify symptoms, read x-rays,
observe vital signs, discuss nutrition, evaluate sport performance, and look at a virus through a microscope.

The Arts
For youth finished grades 2 to 8

DIY Studio  
July 8 – 12, July 29 – August 2 ($210)
Do you like to take ordinary things and make it into something creative and extraordinary? Combining simple materials, techniques, and more advanced technology, campers will make projects such as soaps, glitter jars, stamps and work with fabric on projects such as totes or upcycled fashion.

Performing Arts 
July 2 – 5, August 6 – 9 ($170)
Get behind the scenes and join us for variety of backstage activities that bring theatrical productions to life. We will work on acting, movement, stage craft and voice techniques as we take part in theatre and improv activities.  Our campers get the chance to create their own show, inspired by story books, fairy tales, games or their own imaginations. Through creative projects such as costume making, performance make-up, light shows or acting out a video game scene, we share tips and tricks for your next production experience.

Canvas & Clay
July 15 – 19, August 12-16 ($210)
Explore your artistic side! Through sketching, painting, sculpting and pottery, you will be able to find your artistic calling and see how your muse speaks to you as you make one-of-a-kind creations. You could be the next Picasso or Georgia O’Keeffe. This camp will help you find out where you shine in the world of art.

Comics & Cartooning 
July 22 – 26, August 19 – 23 ($210)
Explore a variety of design styles such as manga, anime, character sculpting or cartooning and learn specific techniques that will make your characters one of a kind! They learn different types of stenciling, shading and colouring that support their character designs and enhance their creations. Campers are going to gain a great repertoire of various techniques of designing characters and they are given the opportunity to have a step by step learning experience with detailed instruction.

YU Adventures
For youth finished Grades 2 to 6

Outdoor Survivors 
July 2 – 5 ($170), July 15 – 19, July 29 – August 2, August 12-16 ($210)

Looking for a great outdoor adventure? Our Outdoor Survivors will be learning skills such as communication, team building, problem solving, and eco-awareness all while exploring Brock’s unique eco-system along the Niagara escarpment. Survivors will be building shelters, geocaching and learning about principles such as “leave no trace”.

Pokémon YU
July 8 – 12 ($210), August 6 – 9 ($170)
Chasing clues through the streets of Youth U City, these dynamic campers will discover a devious plot that poses a threat to the Pokémon universe. We’ll visit trading posts, prepare for battles and visit our very own Pokémon Professor.  We will be making Poke balls, designing Pokémon characters, learning about metamorphosis, and making Pikachu masks. If you’ve got to catch ‘em all, then you’ve got to come to this week’s camp!

Time Travellers
July 22 – 26, August 19 – 23 ($210)
The YU Museum of history has been ransacked! Time travellers will go on adventure through different periods of history, investigating some of the unique art, technology and culture of early civilizations such as ancient China and the Vikings. Build and discover a little bit of history as you work to create exhibits and reopen the museum.

Adventure Climbing  (gr. 2 – 8)
August 6 – 9 ($170)
Immerse yourself in all things climbing! Youth University is home to a 10-route outdoor rock-climbing wall, and we are inviting you to conquer it.  Whether you’ve never climbed before and want to learn some basic techniques, or you want to push yourself to get further into the sport – Adventure Climbing is right for you.  We will learn specific sport climbing techniques, how to tie climbing knots, how to warm up, and of course how to prevent injuries. We will also spend time slack lining and developing our team work skills on our low ropes course and 30 ft high rope challenge course.

Leaders in Training (2 weeks)
For youth finished grades 8 to 11

July 8 – July 19, July 22 – August 2 & August 6 – 16 ($350)

Everyone has the skills to serve as a role model, take this opportunity to start your journey to leadership success. Discover the principles of program design as well as individual and group development, while exploring your own personal leadership style and values.

As a Leader in Training you will:

  • tap into your personal leadership skills
  • develop effective interpersonal communication skills
  • gain the confidence to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals
  • work alongside a YU mentor in creating exciting adventures for youth
  • receive a certificate for 30 hours of volunteer service

NEW!  French Camps at Brock U!
Youth Finished Grades 2 to 6

We are excited to be hosting two weeks of camp in French this year! Join us at the end of August for a week of Sports School or a week of Canvas & Clay taught in French! Camp
is a wonderful opportunity to ease back into speaking French before school starts. Campers will follow along with the typical camp schedule and activities with their French speaking instructor and peers. Instructors provide French directions throughout the day, however please know that certain times of the day will be primarily in English such as rock climbing, swimming, and lunch.

French Canvas & Clay
August 12 – 16 ($210)

French Sports School
August 19 – 23 ($210)

Art Camps at Downtown Marilyn I Walker Campus

For youth finished Grades 4 to 8
July 2-5Downtown Arts Media
July 8 - 12Downtown Performing & Theatre Arts
July 15 - 19Downtown Performance Props & Effects
July 22 - 26Downtown Arts Media

Downtown Performance Props and Effects

July 15 – 19 ($210) 
Get behind the scenes and join us for backstage activities that bring theatrical productions to life. Through creative projects such as costume making, performance make-up, light shows, prop, and set design, we share tips and tricks for your next production. Using a variety of materials, you will design and make props inspired by your favourite storybook, video game, or heroic characters.

Performing & Theatre Arts

July 8 to 12 ($210) 
Do you like being dramatic? Do you have a big imagination? Work on acting and voice techniques, what it means to be “on stage”, and how to leave a lasting impression with your audience. Take part in theatre and improv activities like acting out a video game or choreographing a chase, and work toward a final production by the end of the week.

Downtown Arts Media

July 2 – 5 ($170) & July 22 – 26 ($210) 
Young artists will love this camp! Campers will create a variety of works using mediums that may include charcoal, splatter painting, clay, mixed media and paper making. Campers should come to camp prepared to get messy and work with their hands each day.

Kids will:

  • Have a university student mentor lead exciting hands on experiences
  • Experience life on a university campus
  • Swim in the Brock University Pool (note the pool is closed for week 8)
  • Climb at our outdoor Rock Climbing and High Ropes Challenge Course
  • Participate in daily recreation and camp wide activities

It's all in the details...

Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For your convenience drop off begins at 8:30 a.m. and you may pick up by 4:30 for no additional fee.  

Available from: 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. and from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.
To give campers the opportunity to stay active and for the convenience of families with siblings attending different camps, all extended care will take place in the Ian Beddis Gymnasium.

Cost: $40/week

$210 per week

$10 per week discount when registering multiple weeks or multiple campers or for Brock staff, students & alumni. Use code MULTI

An optional, well-balanced lunch may be purchased at the time of registration. Lunch is served in a Brock University dining hall with all you can eat fruit, veggies & a hot entree each day.  Campers with meal plan should still bring their water bottle and snacks for the day. Campers are welcome to bring their own lunches from home (in fact 50% of our campers do so).  Meal plan is not available at camps downtown.

5 day meal plan: $45 + HST per week
Friday meal only: $9 + HST

Each camper will receive one YU camp shirt to be worn each day of camp.

Available to qualifying families through the Niagara Region Children’s Services. To apply online, visit or call 905-984-3750. You may register for camp anytime.

Youth University campers will swim at the Brock University pool 2 or 3 days each week.  Certified lifeguards are on duty and monitor our swim time. Our instructors will be in the water as well. All campers who are 9 years old and under who wish to swim in the middle or deep end of the pool must complete a swim test administered by the lifeguards. Campers who are 10 and older and those who complete the swim test will be permitted to swim in all areas – this includes the 1 m, 3 m & 5 m diving boards and the Tarzan rope. If you have questions, please contact us. All campers who swim will be provided a clean towel. **please note that there is no swimming at off campus locations and the pool will be closed for annual maintenance iweek 8. 

Youth University campers will have the opportunity to climb at our Outdoor Rock Climbing Tower and Challenge Course once during their camp week. Although our trained ropes course facilitators will encourage campers to question their perceptions of what they believe they can accomplish, we would never push them too far where learning is replaced by fear. We encourage everyone to find a challenge that is right for them. (not applicable to camps downtown)

We recognize that life is full of surprises, but we also have obligations to our staff and suppliers. Camps fees can be refunded less a $20 administration fee up until June 1. Between June 1 and 2 weeks prior to your child’s camp the administration fee will rise to $50. Camps fee, including meal plan and extended care become non-refundable 2 weeks prior to the camp start date.

Pick up and Drop off Location

When entering campus from Sir Isaac Brock Way please follow the signs for Sports/Badger Camps to Parking Lot P. This lot is directly across from the Walker Complex and Ian Beddis Gymnasiums where our camps will meet each morning and afternoon.

Camper Conduct

Brock is committed to creating a sense of belonging and providing an enriching experience for all campers. Therefore, our campers are expected to demonstrate respect for the dignity and rights of all others. Inappropriate behaviour such as bullying, teasing, harassment, swearing, acts of aggression, pranks, or disrespect for other people or the environment are not tolerated.  Camp management reserves the right to recommend the use of a 1:1 instructor or to remove campers from the program if their behaviour requires supervision beyond a reasonable level.

8 Weeks – $210 per week or $170 on short weeks

Camp is busy, active and full of sounds. We recognize

that some children need extra support in these types of environments. Having a Brock partner allows campers to  step out of regular programming according to their needs.

If your child receives support at school or in other educational settings, we recommend 1:1 support at camp. While we would be able to support a wide variety of complexities, the staff consists of university students, not EAs, or child & youth workers, therefore we do have limitations. For example, we  are not able to support toileting.

A limited number of spaces will be available each week for campers requiring 1:1 support, so please register early.

Campers registered for a Brock partner will then also select the camp of their choice (Youth U, Sports School, Aquatics) and participate fully in the camp activities. Please note that our 1:1 staff are in place for the regular camp day but are not always the same staff assigned to supervise extended care.

As in the past, we continue to offer the option for families to make arrangements for an Independent Support Worker to attend camp with a child at their own expense.

For more information please call Youth University

905 688 5550 x3120 or email