Slo-pitch rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

The rules are the same as regular softball rules except for:

  1. Each team can field 10 players maximum. Any number of players less than 8 is considered a default unless the opposing team agrees to play the game. If they do agree to play, the game score and result counts. 8 players = 1 out.
  2. At least 3 of each gender in field at all times. If a team only has 2 females then they are only able to field 8 players (2 F, 6M).
  3. Games will consist of 7 innings, or a 50 minute time limit (whichever comes first). After 5 complete innings, a mercy rule of 10 runs will come into effect. No new innings should begin after 45 minutes.
  4. The plate is extended. A pitched ball hitting any part of the extension or plate is a strike. Pitch must be between 6-12 feet or else the pitch will be called illegal while it is in the air.
    Three options:
  1. Batter lets ball drop- called a ball
  2. Batter swings and misses- called a strike
  3. Batter swings and connects- the ball is in play
  • Each batter steps to the plate with a 1 and 1 count (1 ball and 1 strike)
  • On the third strike, the batter is allowed 1 foul ball, the 2nd foul is a strike and the person is out. In co-ed if a male is walked while a female is on deck then the male gets a double; no exceptions.
  • Any batter or runner touching home place is out.
    1. Batter’s foot is not allowed to touch the plate during the swing or he/she will be called out.
    2. Batter must remain in batter’s box when hitting the ball (umpires discretion) or will be called out.
  • Three courtesy runners are allotted to each team during game at any time. You must substitute a female runner for a female, and a male runner for a male. Team is responsible to ensure that the pinch runner is not close in the batting order. If the pinch runner is on base, and it becomes their turn at bat – OUT (at bat). Once the batter has reached base and there is a stoppage in play, the substitute runner may enter the game.
  • No sliding into base is allowed. Can only leave the base when batter has contact with the ball. No diving back to the base.
  • There will be a commitment line, halfway down the third base line. Once a runner is past this line, he/she will be committed to running home. The runner is then out if the catcher received the ball and touches the plate before the runner crosses the extended 1st base line. No player is allowed to tag runner after crossing commitment line.
  • Out of bound rules:
    1. Any ball over thrown in the field will advance base runners 1 base from time of overthrow. (Overthrow from outfield = 2 bases from base they are going to).
    2. If a player catches a ball out of bounds, it is considered a strike (foul ball).
    3. If a player catches the ball in bounds and continues to run out of bounds, the base runners do advance one base.
  • Infield fly rule is in effect- Any fly ball hit within the infield with less than 2 out, and with runners at least on 1st and 2nd will result in batter being called out. Note- runners are not forced to advance.
  • All players will bat, even if they are not playing in the field.
  • Team must follow batting order and sign sheet for order.
  • No steel cleats are allowed. It is recommended that catchers wear a catcher’s mask which will be provided with the game equipment.
  • Only the captain or assistant captain may address the umpire. When addressing the umpire, the captain is expected to be courteous.
  • Any rude behaviour or foul language will not be tolerated. Verbal abuse of an umpire will result in ejection from the game and carries a minimum 1-game suspension.
  • Home Run cap- 5 per game per team- 6th home run is an out!
  • 150-foot rule: Outfielders may not cross the outfield line until the batter has made contact with the ball
  • No hard casts may be worn by players, base coaches, or umpires.

Confederation South Park Rules

Tennis Courts: 

  • Homeruns into the tennis courts in RF will count as an OUT for the player who hit the ball.  
    • If runners are on-base, they stay at the base that they were at prior to the ball being hit.  
  • Homerun COUNTS if the ball hits the tennis court fence and stays on the ball field side 



**If a ball rolls on, to, or past the pathway, the play is dead and runners are placed by the umpire(s) 

  • Over the pathway ON THE FLY = Homerun, all runs count unless inning run cap is reached 
    • If 0 runs have scored in the inning, all runs from the HR will count 
    • If 1 run has scored in the inning, all runs from the HR will count 
    • If 2 runs have scored in the inning, MAXIMUM of a 3-run HR will count 
    • If 3 runs have scored in the inning, MAXIMUM of a 2-run HR will count  
    • If 4 runs have scored in the inning, MAXIMUM of a 1-run/Solo HR will count  
  • HITS or ROLLS ON/PAST the pathway: 
    • It is a ground-rule double 
      • If a runner is at 1B before the ball is hit, that runner will go to 3B 
      • If there are runners on 2B or 3B before the ball is hit, then those runners score 
        • If the run cap is reached, then that half-inning will be complete 

Default score is 7-0.