Soccer (outdoor) rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

Standard CASA rules will govern play (with the following exceptions).

Each team consists of 6 players + goalie. Teams must have at least two of each gender on the field at all times for coed.

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players plus a goalie. For Co-ed it is required that you have 2 of each gender on the field at all times.  A 5 minute delay for games before a default is called; will be extended to 10 minutes only if the opposing Captain agrees.
  2. All minor infractions (e.g. hand ball, pushing, etc.) will result in an indirect free kick.
  3. Penalty kicks are taken from approximately 10 yards from the goal for an intentional handball in the crease (referees discretion).
  4. Any team displaying constant rough type of play may be ejected from the league. Fighting is an automatic ejection from league or tournament.
  5. Goalies are allowed to hold the ball for five seconds before they must release it.
  6. A goalie cannot drop kick or throw the ball past half. The goalie may put the ball down (which is then considered a live ball) and kick it past half.
  7. One team can be penalized with only two players off at any one time, if a third player is penalized, this player’s penalty will not start until the first penalty is over.
  8. Players must sign in names, student numbers, and pinney number. Student cards must be presented at each game.
  9. Free kicks for any of 10 offenses are indirect. (Kicking, tripping, jumping, pushing, charging, holding, handling, striking, spitting, charging from behind). The second infraction of any of the offenses previously mentioned regardless of severity, will warrant a yellow card.
  10. Any infraction that is made that directly stops a goal will be issued as a penalty kick.
  11. Only the captain or assistant captain may address an official. When addressing an official, the captain is expected to be courteous. The penalty for any other player addressing an official or directing remarks at him will be 3 minutes.
  12. Verbal abuse of an official will result in a red card, ejection from the game and a minimum 1-game suspension.
    1. If one player receives 3 yellow cards over the course of the league they will be suspended for one game and have to have a meeting with the Intramural Coordinator.
  14. Substitutions for players can be on the fly, but must be at half.
  15. Substitutions for goalies must be done at a stoppage in play and the official must be aware of the substitution.
  16. Playoffs: If it is a tie at the end of regulation the game will go straight to penalty shootout.  Three shooters will shoot and if it is still a tie after three shots, it will be sudden death shootout.  In coed, one of the three shooters must be female.

Default score is 2-0.