Facility rental

Pool booking information

Our 50m pool, or portions of it, are available for exclusive and private bookings.

Rental request form

All booking requests must be made by completing the facility booking request form.

Facility rental rates

Information on rates per facility for community organizations and special events.

Booking the Walker Sports Complex gyms, studios, fields, rowing centre

The Walker Sports Complex activity areas are  used for academic classes, varsity practices/games, intramurals, and other programs that are scheduled into these spaces. Brock Sports’ mandate is to provide activity space to our students and members first.

Facility booking requests

All booking requests must be made by completing the facility booking request form. Requests will be granted based on availability, suitability, and rental terms and conditions. The facility manager will contact you within five business days to discuss the request. Rental fees depend on the nature of the event.

User groups

Brock students, Members

Students and members are welcome to use the facilities depending on the availability of each area. Facilities can’t be pre-booked because of the high demand for these spaces. Tennis courts may be reserved.

Brock student clubs

Brock University ratified clubs are welcome to use the activity spaces as often as they want when they are available. Clubs can pre-book and reserve an activity space only once per semester.

External booking requests

Requests will be reviewed and granted based on facility availability and suitability to Brock University.

To book a facility, please complete the facility booking request form.