Quidditch rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

General rules

  1. All players must present their Brock University student cards to play. No Exceptions! Participation will be denied to anyone without their current, valid student card.
  2. Proper athletic attire must be worn.  Games are played outside so make sure that you are dressed appropriately.
  3. Substitutions may be made on the fly at the half line except no player may replace the seeker position.
  4. Each team will have 6 players, 5 players and 1 keeper.  Teams must have at least five players to avoid a forfeit.  At least two females must be on the field at all times during game time, failing to due so will result in a forfeit.
  5. Each team will have an assigned seeker. When the snitch is in play (Small elephant ball) only the seeker may touch the snitch and use it to score a goal.
  6. The game will be played on small roller scooter. The player must sit on the scooter at all times. Possession of the ball when not on a scooter will result in a loss of possession.
  7. The objective of the game is to score goals with an elephant ball on the opposing team’s net
  8. Quidditch is non-contact! Penalties are subject to two minutes in the penalty box.  This includes but is not limited to tripping, tackling, elbowing, slapping, stalling, and illegal substitutions.  Other fouls may be called at the official’s discretion.
  9. Players are not allowed to play in a manner that is potentially dangerous or reckless. Safety for all players is our number one priority. Any action(s) that is deemed dangerous and/or reckless by the referees or intramural convenor will result in either an unsportsmanlike penalty and or an ejection depending on the severity of the incident.
  10. All penalties will result in a direct free throw at the spot of the foul.  Like soccer, the offending team must allow 3 yards in any direction of the thrower.

Start of game

The game starts with a face off at the center of the playing field. The ball is thrown into the air and a player from both teams attempts to take possession of the ball. The Snitch will be released by the referee at random.

Scoring a goal

  1. In order to score a goal, a player can throw or kick the ball into the net.
  2. There is an offensive restriction zone where the offense is not allowed to enter. You cannot shoot from within this circle.
  3. A goal is worth 1 point with the regular ball and 5 points with the snitch.

Restarting play

  1. Following a goal the keeper must retrieve the ball to resume play while the opposite team returns to their own end before returning to play.
  2. To restart play after a penalty or foul has been called the player will take a direct free throw from the spot of the penalty/foul.  Any attempt to block the shot within 3 metres of the shooter (from anyone other than the keeper) will result in an additional free throw.