Basketball rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

All Ontario Amateur Basketball Association rules apply, with the following modifications.

  1. In coed there must be the minimum of 2 of each gender. Males are not permitted to jump in the key in coed.
  2. A minimum of 4 players is needed to start the game.
  3. Only the captain will be allowed to discuss any matters during the game with the referee.
  4. Only players whose names are on the eligibility sheet are allowed to participate. NO STUDENT I.D, NO PLAY!
  5. Fouls will be noted and the ball will be taken out of bounds by the offended team.
  6. Bench technicals will be awarded to the team captain (too many players on, subbing without permission, calling extra time-outs).
  7. Foul language will NOT BE TOLERATED.
  8. Abusive language toward officials WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. The result is a technical foul and immediate ejection from the game, of the offending player. If the technical foul occurs in the last 5 minutes of the game, a mandatory 1-game suspension will occur (the next game). A technical foul is also counted as a personal foul.
  9. Dunking is not allowed. The result is a technical foul.Fighting will result in immediate ejection of that or those individuals from the game and carries a 3-game suspension. A second offense results in removal from the league.
  10. Any team displaying constant rough type of play may be ejected from the league as a whole.
  11. Seven fouls per team allowed in each half, after which a bonus will be in effect.
  12. There are shooting fouls. Once a player has 5 fouls, they are out of the game.
  13. Technical shots will be taken. Two technical fouls allowed to each individual per game.
  14. At 10 fouls, it is an automatic 2 shots.
  15. Each team must have at least five men to field a team (can finish with four players if any injury occurs) 5 minutes grace period allowed. Failure to do so will result in a forfeited game. Two forfeits, and the team will be eliminated from the league. No extra time will be given to the team to field their team. Games will be played five on five.
  16. Each team will be allowed one 30 second time-out which can be taken anytime throughout the game.
  17. The last 2 minutes in the 2nd half will be stop time unless the score difference is greater then 15.
  18. A tie game will result in 2 minutes of straight overtime; no stop time. If still tied, the score will stand.  In playoffs, if the game is tied it will be a 2 minute run time minus when taking foul shots
  19. In the playoffs, the clock will stop during time-outs!
  20. No jewelry, hats or bandannas (over the whole head) are allowed to be worn during any games.
  21. All players must have the same colour jersey with numbers on them.  Pinnies can be taken out at the cage.
  22. There will be a three point line
  23. All referees’ decisions are final!

Default Score is 16-0.


  1. Each team must field 3 players in order tocompete; there is no limit to thenumber of bench players or substitutions For co-ed you must have at least one player of each gender on the court. 


  1. Playing Area:Half-court of a regulation basketball court. 
  2. Game Length: 
    1. There will be 30- 45-minute time slot for each match.  
    2. Each team will play 2 games to 11 points versus their opponent. (If teams split wins, a 3rd game will be played to 7 points) 
  3. Possession: at start of game will be decided by shooting for first ball (a player from one will shoot from the 3-point line prior the start of the first game – if made basket it is their ball to start, missed = other team’s ball). 
    1. For the 2nd and 3rd game, the team which lost the previous game will begin will the ball.  
  4. Scoring:
    1. 2 points for any made basket beyond the 3-point line.
    2. 1 point for any made basket within the 3-point line. 

**Teams must win by 2. In games 1 and 2, there will be a cap at 15 points. In the event of a third game, there will be no cap.  


  1. Stoppage of Play:
    1. Losers’ Outswill be played: Following each basket, the ball will be checked at the top of the 3-point line with possession going to the team who was just scored on.
    2. The ball must also be checked following out of bounds violations, fouls, etc.  
  2. There is no over-and-back rule, or out of bounds regarding the half court line.  
  3. One-Pass Rule: The offense must make at least one pass after a ball is checked before attempting to score; if a team violates this rule and scores, the basket will not count, and the defensive team will be awarded possession. 
    1. The ‘one-pass’ rule will not apply following a defensive rebound off of a missed shot, but the ball must still be cleared beyond the 3-point line.  
  4. Clearing the Ball: All balls, regardless of whether they hit the rim or not, must be cleared before offensive-defensive roles switch; clearance constitutes taking the ball beyond the 3-point line 
  5. No ‘Jump Balls’– defense is awarded possession. 
  6. Substitutions: Subs may enter at any stoppage of play before the ball is checked.
  7. Fouls
    1. Participants will call their own fouls with the offense’s opinion taking precedence (offense calls fouls).
  8. Scorekeepers will act as impartial observers to the nature of the activity and will convey information to the convenor if there are any questionable sportsmanship actions.
    1. Spirit of Competition (SOC) will be tracked at the end of every game.  
  9. Both captains must confirm scores and sign the game sheet following each game!
  10. Games will be played throughout March.