Underwater hockey rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

Sidelines will be 25 yards in length and endlines will be the shallow end wall and the opposite deep end wall.

  • Puck – made of sinkable material, round in shape.
  • Nets – 3 metres from post to post, will be sinkable bricks.
  • Sticks – made from floatable material, may include an end knob.
  • Sticks may be taped to the playing hand, if desired by player.
  • Snorkels and masks are to be worn, fins are optional.
  • Protective glove (ie:gardening glove) may be worn on stick hand.
  • Six players in the water at once (including a goalie)
  • At least two of your players must be female to avoid a default.
  • Games may be played with a minimum of 5 players per team.
  • Subs must sit on pool deck (completely out of water) at their respective end lines.
  • Teams will be identified as blue or white caps.
  1. Any part of the stick’s playing area (blade) can play the puck. The puck may not be carried or lifted by the stick. The stick may only be held by the handle.
  2. Players are not allowed to touch the puck with the free hand or the playing hand.
  3. Substituting on the fly is permitted on your own half, but before entering the water, the sub must wait for the player being replaced to fully leave the water.
  4. The game will be 20 minutes in length (continuous time) with 2, 10 minute halves and a 5 minute half time. Teams will change ends at half time.
  5. If a winner is needed (in playoffs): a) an extra 10 minutes will be played b) after the 10 minute overtime period the game is still tied then there will be a three man shootout.
  6. Starting play: a) at the beginning of the game, halftime, after a goal is scored or after taking a penalty shot the starting positons of the players are in the water against the wall of their endline, with each player having one hand in contact with the wall. The puck will be placed on the bottom of the pool in the center of the playing area. When the official blows the whistle the teams will swim for the puck.
  7. Play is stopped when: a) a goal is scored b) a penalty or injury occurs
  8. A goal is scored only when the entire puck has crosses the goal line.
  • Standing on the bottom of the pool
  • Playing the puck with anything other than the stick
  • Obstructing an opponent not in control of the puck
  • Lifting /carrying the puck on the stick
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Insulting officials
  • Stopping a goal with anything other than the stick
  • Covering the puck to prevent possession
  • Physically attacking an opponent with any part of your equipment or body – this includes retaliation.
  • ADVANTAGE RULE: At any time during play, if a referee observes an offense but decides that the rule infringement doesn’t affect the advantage held by the team in possession, play will be allowed to continue as if the offense has not occurred.
  • The referee may award an equal puck with neither team being awarded the advantage (like a jump ball). The puck is placed on the bottom of the pool, teams start “on-side” as one player from each team tries to gain possession.
  • The referee may award an advantage puck to the non-offending team. Offending team must give 2 meters clearance. Possession must be taken within 5 seconds.
  • The referee may award a penalty shot. This may also include penalizing the offending player(s) with a caution, a time penalty or game dismissal. The shot will be taken as follows: -the puck will be placed 3m in front of the goal in the middle of the net -only one player may defend the net (all other players are on the sidelines) -the team taking the shot selects 2 attackers which must take possession of the puck within 5 seconds.
  • The official may award a penalty goal. This will be used in cases where an almost certain goal would have been scored if not for an infringement. (In this case play will resume at the center of the pool)

All decisions of the official are final! Default score is 2-0.

Note: It is recommended that you bring a glove for your stick hand.