Member expectations

Brock University’s Department of Recreation Services programs and memberships offer numerous opportunities for interaction among the community at Brock. The use of Brock University’s Dept. of Recreation Services’ programs, activities or facilities, is a privilege, which comes with responsibilities.

  1. Memberships are non-transferable.
  2. All members must present a valid membership card each time he/she wishes to access the facility.
  3. Suspicious I.D. may be confiscated at any time and the bearer of the card may face disciplinary action.
  4. All members (which include students who have paid appropriate fees, staff, faculty and community members who have purchased memberships) are asked to use mature judgment in choosing clothing and language, and the message each delivers to other members. We would ask that all members remember our membership includes children, families and people of a variety of backgrounds and cultures.
  5. All members of Brock University’s Recreation Services are responsible for their behaviour and are expected to adhere to all policies, rules and expectations for the program or facility they are involved with. Members are held individually responsible for the decisions they make regarding their behaviour.
  6. All members will adhere to Brock University’s Recreation Services policies, procedures and rules (including all Intramural rules and specific sport rules). Within the context of Intramural Sports, all participants are regulated by not only the rules governing each sport, but also specific Brock University Intramural suspension guidelines.
  7. All members have the right to participate in any Brock University’s Recreation Services programs or facilities without the fear of harm from others within the scope of the activity.