Intramural Registration Steps

Step 1

Have you or your team captain registered and PAID for your team or individual’s spot in the league. This can be done online you can register here or by visiting the Walker Complex Welcome Desk

Step 2

Either created your team on IMLeagues or joined your respective team. This is either your teammates team or join the “Individuals” team if you registered and paid as an individual for your sports league

Step 3

Read the rules for your respective sport league and wait for the schedule to be posted on IMLeagues

Spirit of Competition

Specifically, these principles are:

  • Respect the rules
  • Respect the officials and their decisions
  • Respect your opponent
  • Maintain your self-control at all times

Who is involved?

Every participant, official and convenor will have an active part in upholding these principles. A team’s fair play will be measured through a rating structure of +2, +1, 0, -1, and -2, called Spirit of Competition ratings (S.O.C). These scores are an indication of how well a team has upheld the principles of fair play in a game.

Who awards points?

During the regular season, captains rate the opponents and referees and convenors rate both teams. At the beginning of each game, team ratings start at “0” and stay “0” for average, go up for positive and down for negative fair play behaviour. All scores will be added up throughout the regular season and this will give a team its final S.O.C rating total. In the playoff season, only the referees and convenor will carry out the S.O.C ratings of teams.

Regular Season

Teams must have a positive average Spirit of Competition rating at the end of the regular season or they will be removed from the league and not continue in the playoff season. Teams that accumulate enough negative totals during the regular season that eliminate them from the possibility of playoff season, will be removed from the league immediately. The remainder of their games will be forfeits.


Teams will be given a higher ranking according to: win/loss record, win in a head to head match, higher total S.O.C. score, canned food/extra point collection, higher net difference. Teams can only advance if they win the playoff game and earn a “0” or a positive rating. If a team does win the playoff game and earns a negative rating they will forfeit the game to the losing team. The losing team can only advance if they receive a “0” or a positive rating. If the losing team earns a negative rating, the next round of playoffs becomes a bye.

Sport can teach a lot about life, such as setting goals, teamwork and cooperation. These positive values can only be learned when the sport is enjoyable and played fairly. The foundation of the intramural league will be based on the fair play principles of integrity, fairness, and respect.