Broomball rules

Please bring your student ID with you, it is required in order to play.

You must bring clean shoes to wear on the ice for co-ed broomball. The ones you arrived in are not appropriate.

  1. Games are played with 6 players (5 + goalie). Each team must have 3 of each gender on the ice at all times or the game is defaulted. The goalie is included in the minimum requirement of either gender.
  2. CSA helmets are mandatory. Goalies must have full face masks, but may not wear goalie pads. Broomball shoes or clean-soled running shoes must be worn.
  3. There is no body contact.
  4. All penalties will be 3 minutes.
  5. No sliding. All dangerous slides and sliding to block a shot will be whistled down. (Penalty)
  6. On face-offs, the stick must make contact with the ball before it may be touched with the feet.
  7. Sticks should be kept below shoulder height. Sticks may be above shoulder height to shoot, only if there is no one at risk of being hit.
  8. If the ball is touched by a stick above shoulder height, it will be whistled dead, and a face-off will occur.
  9. A high stick near another player (at the official’s discretion) or contacting another player, will be considered dangerous play. (Penalty).
  10. Kicking the ball is only allowed to direct the ball from the kicker’s foot to their own broom.
  11. Players can knock the ball down in the air with their hand, but cannot carry the ball.
  12. Only one defensive player is allowed in the crease, the goalie or a designated goalie [if the goalie is out of position]. If the ball goes through the crease, a player may follow it, but may not score with a foot in the crease.
  13. The blue line is the offside line. Icing will be called as soon as the ball crosses the end line. 2 line passes are allowed.
  14. Goalies may not cover the ball outside the crease (penalty). Goalies may not hand pass the ball forward, but may pass it back to the corners. Note- goalies must serve their own penalties.
  15. Players may not throw their stick (penalty).
  16. Any player who intentionally damages equipment will be billed for the cost of replacing it. In addition, the player may be suspended or removed from the league.
  17. Verbal abuse of an official will result in ejection from the game, AND carries a minimum 1-game suspension.
  18. All decisions of the official are final!

Default score is 2-0.